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Epirus (Parga)

Epirus (Parga)


Epirus (Parga) holidays: discover a bit of Greece

As I drove through the cypress and olive-covered hills in the rental car, I knew for sure. The Epirus region on the Greek mainland is a perfect destination for lovers of peace and nature. Breath-taking views, undiscovered places and interesting sights such as the Dodoni amphitheatre. It is all the ingredients for a fine, small holiday. The atmospheric town of Parga is my favourite place for a holiday in Epirus, here I have eaten delicious fresh fish at the harbour. A friendly waiter told me where to find the most beautiful beaches. I did some research and found the most beautiful bays that seemed to be all to myself. Are you curious about my holiday tips for Epirus?

Small hotels & villas in Epirus (Parga)

My offer on Epirus varies from hotels to apartments and villas. So you can visit this piece of Greece with any travel group. I myself always love to stay in a Greek house and then it is even better if I have a private pool all to myself. But also from a romantic boutique hotel or authentic apartment I like to travel to Epirus.

Would you like to book a sunny holiday to Epirus in the summer? My locations on the mainland and on the Greek Islands are small and unique, but because of this they only have a limited number of places. So be there on time! If you want some inspiration for a quiet holiday, you could also check out my new discoveries or last minute holidays to Greece.

Fly & Drive in Epirus (Parga)

Good to know: a flight to Epirus always includes a rental car and accommodation.

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Eliza's tips

Places to visit in Epirus (Parga)

Like peninsulas Chalkidiki and Peloponnese Epirus is on the mainland of Greece . But that doesn't make this piece any less beautiful. Epirus is extremely green due to the lakes and rivers that the region has. When you explore Epirus on a fly & drive holiday, you'll drive through mountainous countryside, see the crystal blue sea and encounter historic villages. These villages are also known for their cheerful houses, a sight that from the sea immediately brings a smile to your face. Parga is one of those villages I love to travel to in Epirus, it is a true gem on the Ionian Sea. Special houses, ancient olive trees, beautiful beaches and plenty to do, see and taste. From the coast you have a nice view of the Panagia Island.

In colourful Epirus I like to come for a beach holiday. The beautiful long beach and the nice locals here never get bored. With its beautiful beaches, you can imagine yourself in a tropical destination in the Mediterranean. When I discovered Bella Vraka, I could hardly believe my eyes. Through this narrow path in the sea, surrounded by incredibly clear blue water, you can walk to a small island. The Vikos-Aoos nature reserve is the ideal place for a walk in nature. Here you will find the deepest canyon in the world, a large lake, beautiful viewpoints and even rare brown bears.

Culinary journey through Epirus (Parga)

On the hills and mountain slopes you will see sheep and cows grazing for the milk that is the basis for many ingredients in the kitchen of Epirus. They make Greek yoghurt and cheese from it, which you will undoubtedly come across during your holiday on Epirus or Parga. From the cheese butter is made which is often used instead of olive oil. Epirus also makes the most delicious savoury pies, for example with spinach or mushrooms. What I like best is to just walk into a traditional tavern and just order something from the menu. Then you're sure to discover something new!

Weather: lots of love from Epirus (Parga)

The weather in Epirus varies from region to region. On the coast the summers are warm and dry and the winters mild, making it a fine destination for a sunny holiday. However, in the mountains and higher altitudes, winters are severe and last longer. This provides the beautiful colour contrasts of nature in Epirus, which I enjoy every time during the summer holidays.