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Sunny holidays Lefkada: discover this Greek island

Lefko is the Greek word for white. The island of Lefkas owes its name to the white beaches and rocks at Cape Lefkatas. I find the contrast with the deep blue water of the sea near the Ionian Islands dazzling every time. Lefkas is known for the best surfing beaches in all of Greece, but nature lovers will also find plenty to enjoy on a holiday to Lefkas. I myself like the mountainous west, where you find steeply rising rocks and golden beaches. And while traveling in the green interior of Lefkas I even discovered waterfalls. I'd love to give you more holiday tips to experience on this Greek island!

Small villas & apartments on Lefkas

For a summer holiday with lots of peace and quiet, the holiday homes and apartments on Lefkada are the right choice. If you want a villa with privacy and views over the unspoilt countryside, this is a fine holiday destination. Each location has its own authentic character. Also the sweet owners are happy to help you so that you are immediately immersed in the Greek hospitality. Especially with my beloved pearl you can always find tips on Lefkas. With a round trip on Lefkada you can even visit multiple locations in one holiday. Choose the ends of the island and discover places close to home at your leisure, with the rental car you can travel between the locations easily.

My unique locations on the Greek Islands often have only a few rooms available in summer. Would you like to book a small holiday to Lefkas? Don't wait too long to enjoy an authentic spot away from the crowds! For more inspiration you can also check out my new discoveries or go for a last minute holiday to Greece.

Fly & Drive on Lefkas

Good to know: a flight to Lefkada with me always includes a rental car and accommodation.

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Eliza's tips

What to do on Lefkas?

Just entering this island is a spectacle in itself. This is also one of the great advantages of a fly & drive holiday . From the mountains of the mainland you can drive down to Lefkada in a rental car. Especially in the evening the view of the many lights in the villages is magnificent. Then you drive over the bridge into the north of Lefkas and your journey can begin.

Lefkada seems with its clear blue water and white beaches like the Caribbean of Greece . Besides the incredible beaches, Lefkas also has beautiful hiking areas with lots of nature. It may be called the white island, but actually Lefkas is very green. In the north you will find small villages in the countryside with stone houses where women still wear traditional clothing. In the old part of Lefkada town you get a good impression of the history of this beautiful island. In the harbour of this city many boats leave for other Greek islands, this makes island hopping a lot easier, but a boat trip is also a nice activity for a day out.

If you go to the south you will come to nice places like Sivota. I can spend hours here because of all the taverns that sit there. Every sunny holiday I try a different restaurant. These are also all on the waterfront so you have a beautiful view. It looks like a lake, but this is because you can only get there by slalom through the landscape. Surfers can indulge themselves in Vasiliki. The harbour is according to the locals one of the nicest on the island and it is a paradise for sailors and surfers. You will also find several shops with surfing gear.

Culinary journey through Lefkas

Lefkas has the ideal conditions for the production of the freshest quality products such as olive oil, honey, grapes and wine. Be sure to try the Bertzami, this wine is also considered the best wine of Greece. As a traditional dish you must try savoro, this is fish with garlic, onions and rosemary. I can never get enough of the sweet snacks either, especially the nougat (madolato). The choice of delicious dishes here is endless.

Weather: lots of love from Lefkas

The summers on Lefkas are warm and sunny with temperatures around 30 degrees. Find a nice shady spot near your accommodation or look for a seaside holiday where you can dive into the sea at any time. Even in the winter it never really gets cold here. However, it is too cold in the winter for a real beach holiday, it is around 14 degrees.