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Holidays Peloponnese: discover this Greek island

The Peloponnese is the famous peninsula of Greece and has a fascinating history, vast sandy beaches and beautiful, rugged nature. Unlike the Greek islands, Peloponnese is connected to the Greek mainland via the narrow isthmus of Corinth. Not only do I love to go there for a beach holiday, also the Greeks love it because of its long coastline and beautiful beaches. It is a real experience to discover them all and many villages are located right on the coast. During a holiday on the Peloponnese I like to combine several activities, from a day at the beach to wandering around in picturesque villages and exploring the Greek culture that this peninsula has to offer.

Small hotels & apartments on Peloponnese

The view at my pearl on Peloponnese is often dazzling. Think of a unique boutique hotel with infinity pools overlooking the deep blue sea, in the middle of the greenery and quietly located villas with a beautiful terrace. Due to the combination of rich history, idyllic green nature and an elongated coastline, I can definitely recommend Peloponnese as a destination for your honeymoon.

To book a holiday to Peloponnese it is good to be out in time, my small locations are soon full. Are you still looking for inspiration for your next sunny holiday? Have a look at my new discoveries or find a last minute holiday to Greece.

Fly & Drive in Peloponnese

Good to know: a flight to Peloponnese always includes a rental car and accommodation.

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Eliza's tips

Places to visit in Peloponnese

In ancient times, Peloponnese was especially important because the historic city of Sparta was located here. Because the image of this ancient city appealed to my imagination, I decided to visit the ruins during my last trip to the Peloponnese. These proved to be at least as interesting as those of Olympia, the city where the original Olympic Games were held. Also the ancient theatre of Epidaurus, the best preserved ancient theatre in Greece , impresses every time. It comes alive every summer when every Friday and Saturday night antique plays are performed by theatre companies. And then you have the medieval towns of Monemvasia, Pylos and beautiful sandy beaches!

I find the bay of Gialova enchanting, just like the old port of Methoni and the impressive castle that defines the face of this town. On the high ridge near the village of Ano Verga you have a fairytale view of the bay of Kalamata, especially at sunset.

There is so much to admire and I have made many discoveries on this peninsula, that I often go there on round trip. This way I can stay at several locations and explore the area from there. Holiday tips on the Peloponnese are the historical wonders Olympia, Eidaurus and Sparta must have seen once. These attractions are also fun for a holidays with children, who knows what they might recognize!

Culinary journey through Peloponnese

If you are like me and love olives, you should definitely try the kalamata olives from Peloponesse. With a soft fruity aftertaste, these are one of my favourite olives. I discovered many more delicacies on my fly & drive holiday on this peninsula by the way! The rental car gives me the opportunity to explore all the culinary highlights. In Tripolis, high in the mountains of Arcadia, I ate the most delicious Trahanas. This handmade pasta is made of bulgur and other ingredients. In Kalamata you can eat delicious dried figs. You can also eat the most delicious vegetable goulash with ingredients such as artichokes, aubergine and courgette all year round here. Seasoned with a little lemon in the winter and tomatoes in the summer.

The weather: much love from Peloponnese

On a sunny holiday to the Peloponnese, you can enjoy lovely dry, warm summers with average temperatures of around 30 degrees. Winters are wetter but still mild. More rain falls on the west coast of the island than on the east coast. In the higher areas there is a chance of frost in the winter and there may be winter precipitation.