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Holidays Rhodes: discover this Greek island

The four kilometres of city walls surrounding Rhodes Town make it look like a large and imposing castle. The Greeks call it one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean. With its 200 churches and imposing buildings it is more than worthy of the name. When I walk through the medieval city gates, I am back in time for a moment. A trip to Rhodes is accompanied by special cultural attractions and lots of history. Rhodes has beautiful sandy beaches, impressive monuments from antiquity and authentic mountain villages. During a holiday on Rhodes I experience the island life of the real Greece. It is one of the places on the Dodecanese where I always like to return. I have managed to find nice places away from the crowds, quietly situated where you can enjoy yourself undisturbed. Have I already made you enthusiastic for a small holiday to this paradise?

Small hotels & apartments on Rhodes

After a busy day full of activities I like to retreat to a place where I can find an oasis of peace. On Rhodes, I have discovered luxury charming hotels where I can enjoy a good glass of wine. Also here are some of my most popular Greek villas, here it is often quiet as a mouse, a true delight! I choose these places on their location and authentic appearance & in the middle of unspoiled nature, with fantastic views or a refreshing private pool. Some of these places are so beautiful that I am offering them as a honeymoon, so that you can have the most romantic holiday of your life together.

My authentic locations on the Greek Islands are all small and often have a limited number of places available in the summer holidays. If you want to book a holiday to Rhodes, be quick to secure your place in the sun. You can also have a look at my new discoveries or my last minute holidays to Greece if you want to travel soon.

Fly & Drive in Rhodes

Good to know: a flight holiday to Rhodes always includes a rental car and accommodation.

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Eliza's tips

Places to visit on Rhodes

On one of my trips to Rhodes, I climbed over three hundred steps just to enjoy the beautiful view at the Tsambika Monastery. Here you look out over the beautiful beach below and the glistening blue water. Because this is quite a challenge in the warm climate of Rhodes, I often go afterwards to one of the beautiful beaches for a refreshing swim. If you use your rental car to explore the area during your fly & drive holiday , you will come across small beaches where you can spend a nice day. There are also plenty of archaeological treasures to be found here. Be sure to visit the archaeological museum or the excavations of Kameiros.

Every time I am on holiday in Rhodes, I always visit the butterfly valley. A protected nature reserve with streams, waterfalls and wooden bridges, where thousands of butterflies can be seen in the summer. When this natural forest is in bloom, the scent of these trees has a great attraction for the butterflies. If you stay here from the end of June to September, you can admire the most special butterflies.

Culinary Tour of Rhodes

On Rhodes I can always enjoy the most delicious Greek specialties. I love going there for a culinary holiday at one of my locations. Stuffed vegetables, grilled fish, tzatziki and Greek salad are a few examples. Also try Rouzetia me Skorthalia, small fried fish. I have only ever come across this on the menu at Rhodes. Greek yogurt with honey and nuts is my favourite way to end my meal. Also the Greek coffee tastes good here. I often order it Sketo, or without sugar. A holiday tip I would like to give you is also a guilty pleasure. In the summer I often order a refreshing café frappé, a delicious cold sweet coffee, with milk and ice cubes.

Weather: lots of love from Rhodes

In the summer it's nice and warm here and you can count on many hours of sunshine and warm seawater for a sunny holiday on Rhodes. The temperature of the sea in summer is among the highest in the Aegean! If you're enjoying a holiday by the sea, you'll feel a cooling sea breeze here. On the east side of the island it is on average a few degrees warmer than on the west side, due to the influences of the sea.