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Holidays Santorini: discover this Greek island

I consider Santorini literally a miracle of nature. This island is part of the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea and was formed when a gigantic volcano erupted at the bottom of the sea. Only the edges of the volcano remained above water. Santorini is located on one of those crater rims. In the west, steep cliffs rise high from the sea. The white houses with blue roofs form a dazzling contrast to the black lava in the sun. Due to the volcanic origin you will find during your holiday on Santorini therefore black sand beaches. You will find this nowhere else in Greece and therefore this unique landscape is typical for this Greek island. I myself travel to Santorini for the beautiful sunsets and I am only too happy to give you holiday tips for this fairytale island.

Small hotels &a villas on Santorini

With a fly & drive holiday to Santorini you can easily get into a hire car and head off to your unique location. For example, I have unique locations in the form of a cave, or you can even spend the night in a windmill. Whether you are going away for a week or longer, I have searched for you the really special holiday homes and hotels where you can imagine yourself in luxury.

Do you want to experience a stay in the typical cottages of this Greek island? I often only have a few spots available! To book a holiday to Santorini, I recommend you take a look at my small locations, away from the crowds. I have also collected last minute holidays to Greece for you if you want to leave soon or go for adventure with one of my new discoveries.

Fly & Drive on Santorini

Good to know: a flight to Santorini always includes a rental car and accommodation.

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Eliza's tips

Places to visit on Santorini

On sunny holiday in Santorini I always enjoy the beautiful beaches, the clear blue water and the most beautiful views from the crater rims. Of course you must have seen the sunset at Oia on Santorini, which according to some is the most beautiful in the world. This village lies on top of the rocks of the volcano, at an altitude of 300 meters. There are cosy taverns located in the harbour of Ammoudi where I like to settle down in the evening to enjoy a Greek wine. But not only that, because here I am also rewarded with a romantic sunset. Also the village of Firostefani is known for a magical golden glow over the pearly white houses when the sun goes down. It's like being in a fairy tale. I can therefore definitely recommend Santorini as a destination for the honeymoon.

The white houses with blue roofs are a beautiful sight in itself during a trip on Santorini. In the capital Fira, for me, the magic really comes alive. Here I can stroll around for hours and enjoy the breath-taking views of the Aegean Sea. Just a few kilometres away is the picturesque village of Immerovigli where a beautiful walking route runs through. Also stop here for a moment to enjoy the special view of the caldera. If you want to learn about the history of Santorini is the ancient Thera is worth a visit and walk in the archaeological museum.

Culinary Tour of Santorini

Also for a culinary holiday I can go to Santorini, here I enjoy the most characteristic dishes and ingredients. The volcanic soil is to thank for this. The fava beans, white eggplants and carrots are common ingredients in the cuisine of Santorini. Fish lovers should try the traditional fish dishes, the speciality is an appetizer with devil's rays; very special!

The island is especially known for its delicious wines and there are many wineries to be found. Since ancient times, various wines are made here, such as Vinsanto. This is the dessert wine of the island and once you've tasted it, you'll never want to leave. There are also many vineyards, some of which have opened their doors to visitors or have even been turned into a museum. When I was in the traditional village of Megalochori I visited a winery where I had a wine tasting. In addition to several white wines, I was served fresh fruit and a cheese board, a true taste sensation. The village itself is also fun to spend a day, because it is car-free!

Weather: much love from Santorini

In the summer it rarely rains on Santorini and that makes it a sunny destination for a beach holiday. It is then on average around 29 degrees. Luckily you have the lovely beaches to cool off! Especially from May you can already fly to Santorini and enjoy a wonderful sunshine. In the winter the temperature drops considerably and there can also be a lot of precipitation.