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Holidays Zakynthos: discover this Greek island

You might think that on an island of only four hundred square kilometres you will be bored relatively quickly. Nothing is less true when it comes to a small holiday on Zakynthos in Greece. I love the imposing limestone rocks in the north and west, rising perpendicularly from the sea. In Zakynthos-town I can still taste the authentic atmosphere with nice restaurants and markets. And I'm not the only one who loves to take a trip to this little spot of the magical Ionian Islands. Every summer thousands of sea turtles come from the Mediterranean Sea to this part of Greece to lay their eggs!

Small hotels & apartments on Zakynthos

The holiday homes and apartments on Zakynthos are all about luxury and comfort. And yet they also retain their Greek atmosphere and authenticity. Lovely to spend a week away together in privacy or to spend a holiday with children. I have discovered quite a few special places here!

My small locations on the Greek Islands often have only a few places available and are often full in the popular months. Want to book a holiday to Zakynthos? Then quickly ensure yourself of a unique spot away from the crowd! Also take a look at my last minute holidays to Greece. You can also be the first to visit my newest discoveries.

Fly & Drive on Zakynthos

Good to know: a flight to Zakynthos is always including a rental car and accommodation.

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Sightseeing on Zakynthos

Zakynthos has beautiful green nature, incredibly clear blue water and charming old villages. On a tour of this this Greek island I try to discover as many beaches as possible in my rental car. The famous shipwreck beach is certainly not the only beautiful beach. Porto Vromi, for example, is a small beach in the middle of a green, rocky area. At the clear blue waters of Dafni beach it is wonderful to spend a day in peace! Plenty of places for a beach holiday.

If you go on a boat trip, you can see Zakynthos from a different side. The beautiful rock formations and caves near the water provide wonderful views. For example, go to Turtle Island or the island just off the coast, Marathonissi. During your holiday by the sea, you can snorkel among the colourful fish and if you're lucky you may even meet a turtle!

Island hopping between the Ionian islands is also a tip I'd like to give you. This way you can really see how life proceeds on the different Greek islands. For example, combine a holiday to Zakynthos with a trip to Kefalonia, one of the lesser known islands but therefore so beautiful to explore.

Culinary journey through Zakynthos

During my culinary holiday through Zakynthos, I ended up in a small restaurant in Zakynthos Town and discovered the rich cuisine of this island. The salads, soups, meat dishes and fish dishes all taste equally good here. In Crete  I already discovered the goat cheese Sarikopitakia, but as a holiday tip I can definitely give you the opportunity to try all the different cheeses here. They really complete your meal!

Weather: lots of love from Zakynthos

On Zakynthos it is in the summer warm and dry. Because it can sometimes get very hot, I like to find a spot in the shade by the pool of my villa or take a cooling dip in the sea during a sunny holiday. From May onwards the temperature rises and in summer it is then around 30 degrees. In winter it can rain a lot and the average temperature is around 15 degrees.