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Ionian dreams

Fly & Drive in the Greek Islands

Greece always makes me think of endless Mediterranean vistas, lush green mountains, and picturesque ports. I’ve had so many amazing trips to this special part of the world. I remember driving up narrow little roads to the top of a mountain, where I enjoyed the most spectacular sea views in complete awe and silence. And how I’ve enjoyed many unique holiday stays in Greece, far away from the crowds. 

Greece has a way of capturing your heart! 

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Planning your Fly & Drive break-in Greece

Where to find the prettiest spots

Greece truly is a special place. I vividly recall  long summer nights, toasting the joys of Greek life witha refreshing glass of Retsina. Yamas,cheers! I prefer a Fly & Drive holiday when I visit Greece as it gives me the opportunity to go and explore whenever and wherever I want. The many archaeological sites, the stunning beaches, the blue rooftops of Santorini- I just can’t get enough! 

I can recommend many extraordinary small-scale locations in Greece. On Corfu and Zante, I found great stays with gorgeous views of the Ionian Sea. Because these are some of my favourite spots to unwind,I almost want to keep them a secret, Shhhhh! 

Recently, I drove  to the mountain village of Palaiokastro on Chalkidiki. I noticed the sky changing colour. The sun was setting and the views were breathtakingly beautiful. A Greek local I met in the port down below had told me about this spot but said I’d need a car to there. When I arrived in the quaint little village, I felt my heart sing and I was so grateful for my rental car. Don’t miss this lovely little spot in the Greek mountains. 

Discovering the Greek Isles by rental car 

Every Greek island is different and each has a lot to offer. Kefalonia, with its beautiful white beaches and blue seas is picture postcard perfect. And, of course, there is Crete, where I loved exploring the Samaria Gorge and discovering all about ancient Greek history at Knossos.  

When in Greece, I enjoy exploring the islands and finding the prettiest places to see and stay. I also enjoy meeting the locals.. This is exactly why I believe every holiday package should include a rental car. Go and explore your surroundings during your Fly & Drive holiday in Greece. Trust me, there’s nothing like it.

If you book a car holiday, you can travel to your destination with your own transport.

If you book a flight holiday with me, it always includes accommodation and rental car!