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Fly & Drive holiday in Portugal

The freedom of a rental car

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Embark on an adventure through the Portuguese landscape

Discover the most beautiful places

On my first trip to Portugal, I was stunned by this fantastically beautiful place. I drove down countless deserted roads, where I discovered beautiful beaches, fantastic forests and the loveliest places to stay. I could never have done all this without my rental car: a Fly & Drive in Portugal has always given me the most memorable holidays.

The country has over 1,200 kilometers of dazzling coastline and magnificent mountain passes. Nestled in-between are charming towns such as Guimarães, Viseu and Coimbra. Every time I think of Portugal, I smile.

Discover my fly & drive locations in Portugal

Find unique places with a Fly & Drive in Portugal

One time, after spending a day at the beach, I decided to drive around a bit and ended up in the town of São Brás de Alportel, which is located in the Portuguese hills. Surrounded by nature, I found a unique place with blue and white houses. I immediately knew: this is where I would want to spend my holiday. And so it happened! I met the owners and immediately felt welcome, and so will you..

I have since discovered many more special places in Portugal. And again and again I have chatted endlessly with the owners of those places, who always give me the best insider tips. In the Costa Verde I saw countless vineyards, impressive nature reserves and historic sites and I strolled through the greenest parks and most breathtaking beaches on the Costa de Lisboa. It’s crazy to think that I would never have discovered all these beautiful, unique places  without my rental car.

On a Portuguese escape 

With a Fly & Drive in Portugal you can easily discover unique places. I know some lovely small-scale bed and breakfasts in the Algarve. Away from all the hustle and bustle, this is where I like to relax. I have also done road trips through the heart of the country, from the Costa Verde in Porto to the gorgeous Costa de Lisboa. My mouth still waters when I think of all the vinho verde, bacalao and pasteis de nata I’ve enjoyed along the way I also discovered Madeira with a Fly & Drive . 


What I love most about Portugal are all the amazing places where I have stayed. The people I met here are proud to show off  their country. That’s why I’m happy to recommend these places to you Did you know that when you book a flight with me, the rental car is always included? I want you to set out on your own to explore the area. Bem-vindo, you’re welcome!

If you book a car holiday, you can travel to your destination with your own transport.

If you book a flight holiday with me, it always includes accommodation and rental car!

On a culinary journey through Portugal

What comes from afar is tasty. The food you find in Portugal is a perfect example of this. In every region you can discover different tasty dishes. Along the coast I enjoyed the tastiest fish called bacalhau. More inland, I often opt for the "cozido a Portuguesa, a dish with various vegetables and meat, with pork being my favourite. I also like a good port and I like to drink "green wine" in the north of Portugal. This one is not really green by the way, but get its name from the use of young grapes. 

The weather in Portugal

Portugal has a Mediterranean climate and is deal for a sun holiday. The south of the country is dry and sunny all year round, with 10 to 12 hours of sunshine per day in the summer months. Portugal is also a great destination for a sunny winter holiday, but this is some chance of rain. The temperature can also feel a bit colder than in neighbouring Spain. This is because there is a cool sea breeze from the Atlantic Ocean. During the summer months, this provides a wonderful cool breeze during the hot days.