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Late summer holiday 2022

Extend the summer days

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Enjoy a late summer in September and October 

Make your holiday dreams come true this autumn

Need to get away from it all outside the high season? A warm late summer in Europe can certainly be as nice as summer itself. There are some destinations with wonderfully warm weather in September and October. Whenever possible, I prefer to travel in the autumn, following the sun south. I seek out  small-scale accommodations on the Mediterranean coast. Every morning, I’m greeted by the sun when I open my patio doors and a freshly made breakfast awaits me. There’s no nicer way to extend the summer.

And, even at home, the sun sometimesbreaks through in the late summer. This is the perfect time to stay at a hut on the heath, and to enjoy carefree moments in complete and utter privacy.

Travel at your leisure in autumn 2022

Once the peak of summer is over,far fewer travellers visit my European destinations. For those seeking a quieter holiday this is an ideal period to get some sun. In the autumn, you’ll always find a spot on the best  terrace in that quaint fishing village, you can easily snap a picture at a popular tourist attraction without people getting in your way and when you go on a nature walk, you’ll have it all to yourself. If that isn't the ultimate feeling of freedom, I don't know what is.

A family holiday in the late summer is also possible during the autumn school holidays. Doesn’t a week away to a warmer place  sound like music to your ears? The kids can have fun splashing about in the pool, while you retire to the shade with a good book.

Planning to spend a late summer at one of these destinations in 2022? Book your sun holiday in September or October now to guarantee peace and quiet, away from the crowds .

Discover destinations in Europe for your late summer holiday

On a sunny holiday in the autumn of 2022

Where does the sun shine?

These days, you can travel to Europe any way you fancy. It will come as no surprise to many of my regular travellers that in addition to a stay with a flight, you can also get a rental car. This way, you can discover your destination with complete freedom and go wherever you like.

At a number of my locations it is also possible to just book the stay, so that you can drive therein your own car.

Where to head for a lovely late summer

Make no mistake, there are still plenty of warm European destinations in September and October. The autumn holidays are also a great time to take a break and travel with the kids.

  • In Greece, most travelers have already returned home and you have the kingdom to yourself. More and more restaurants will close earlier, but if you go to a larger island like Crete , Zakynthos  or Santorini  , there is still plenty to do during a week away.
  • In Spain you can still enjoy warm temperatures while enjoying delicious tapas. The Balearic Islands  and  Canary Islands  are especially popular with adventurous travelers.
  • Portugal is a nice place to take walks in late summer, the sun is still shining and it is very pleasant. Hike the mountains in Madeira or take a beach walk along the Algarve coast .
  • With a view over the vineyards it is still pleasant to drink a glass of wine in Italy . Especially in Tuscany  I feel like a queen!
  • The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is a great holiday destination all year round, even in the autumn.
  • The green landscape on Malta is beautiful. The neighboring island of Gozo  has a rugged nature that I like to be in.

There are so many small-scale options, where you can extend your summer in 2022.

If you book a car holiday, you can travel to your destination with your own transport.

If you book a flight holiday with me, it always includes accommodation and rental car!