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A unique sun holiday

The sun spots of Europe

For me travel carefree enjoyment and rich experiences you don’t get in daily life, and our European sunshine breaks promise all that. Drive past orchards full of ancient trees or get chatting to a local in a tavern. Savour a meal on a sun-kissed terrace: Vine-ripened tomatoes and homemade cheese will never taste so good! And always with a view of that deep blue sea. Welcome to the Mediterranean.

To give you peace of  mind, I of course make sure that all my sun holidays meet the latest in hygiene and safety standards.

What does your ideal trip look like?

A self-drive means Europe is at your disposal. I have been lucky enough to find some
special spots away from the masses, so you get to enjoy those idyllic places too. 

A sun break package always includes
flights, stay and a rental car with me, so you'll be able to explore your destination from north to south! You'll have all the time in the world to discover those spots away from the masses; places where you'll be one of the locals. 

My winter sun breaks are equally pleasant. You get to enjoy the sunshine on one of my favourite locations with lovely winter temperatures.

Are you looking for something really special? Be sure to check my Tours, which allow you to discover multiple locations in one trip. The ultimate adventure in the sun! 

Discover my sun holidays in Europe 

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Sun destinations 

Where will you go? 

The hot sun, rich cultures and especially the delicious food make Southern Europe a lovely destination for your 2022 sun holiday. My trips to Cyprus gave me new insights into the fascinating history of this gorgeous island. Surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, it is a place where many cultures come together.

Greece is my favourite holiday destination, its where I feel right at home. As soon as my feet touch Greek soil, I cannot wait to get into my rental car and find the nearest beach. To soak up the sea air, feel the sand between my toes, and look out over the blue sea; the ultimate relaxation!

But make no mistake, my trips to Malta and Italy have given me equally fabulous experiences. I discovered small-scale locations that can still make my heart jump. I love Malta's countryside with its secluded pretty farm houses. Looking out over the landscape, sipping my wine... An absolute dream! Speaking about wine, Italy produces many excellent varieties. The landscape is just as beautiful and I love trekking between local wineries to buy a unique bottle of vino to enjoy in the evenings. 

For a 2022 beach holiday, I can highly recommend Portugal and Spain. Both countries boast kilometres of coastline with golden beaches and clear blue seas. Perfect for a cosy day on the beach or a romantic walk at sunset. Both countries make great destinations for a late summer or early autumn break, as they enjoy many hours of sunshine until later in the year.  

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