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Holiday in Lazio: discover this Italian region

This unique region in Italy is where you'll find the impressive city of Rome. Though I could've spent much more time in the beautiful metropolis, I decided to head out into Lazio because there is just so much more to see. For the next leg of my fly & drive holiday, I decided to leave the car behind and proceed by bicycle. That is how I explored the rolling landscape, vineyards, forests and clear blue lakes of the region. Lazio will take you back in time with its authentic Medieval towns decorating the rocky landscape and impressive Roman villas. The region is one big living painting and boredom was out of the question during my trip in gorgeous Lazio.

Small-scale hotels & apartments in Lazio

What a stunning piece of Europe for a holiday. Consider staying at an authentic agriturismo; a great place to unwind even just for a week. Having a farm like this for a holiday home means you'll be surrounded by vineyards and culinary products. And if you're looking for a romantic setting, Lazio has got you covered. What a magnificent place for a honeymoon.

My small-scale recommendations for this Italian region have limited availability and tend to be fully booked in advance. Do you want to book a holiday in Lazio? Be sure to book your unique and undiscovered location in time! Don’t forget to check out my last minute holidays in Italy or be the first to experience one of my latest discoveries.

Fly & Drive in Lazio

Good to know: a flying holiday to Lazio always includes a rental car and a place to stay.

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Eliza's tips

Attractions in Lazio

Rome is one of those cities that you have to visit at least once in your life. I will never forget the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel and my cycling trips around the park at Villa Borghese. Rome absolutely stole my heart, and yet there are so many other unique places to visit during a small-scale holiday in Lazio. The entire region has such a rich history, and you'll find it wherever you look. The old Roman harbour in Ostia Antica, authentic villas in Tivoli, and more medieval villages with meandering little roads than you can count. Wherever you go, each town is even more beautiful than the last. Whether it be enchanting Il Giardino di Ninfa, which was converted to a botanical garden, or Orvinio, which is surrounded by mountains and where endless steps lead you to an impressive castle.

Nature enthusiasts will absolutely love this part of the Mediterranean. Lazio used to be ravaged by volcanic activity in prehistory. The lava created a fertile layer of soil, which is something you’ll see on your tour of Lazio; this Italian region is one big green patchwork of vineyards and olive trees. The volcanoes also created many lakes; the largest one is Bolsena crater lake. And the Circeo natural reserve boasts the most beautiful little beaches for a sun holiday. Or rent a canoe and explore Lago del Turano. One of my final holiday tips for Lazio: hop on the ferry in Formia and feast your eyes on the volcanic island of Ponza!

Culinary trip in Lazio

Close your eyes and relish the delicious aromas in the air: salty olives, roasted nuts and fresh cheese. To find the most delicious local products, the cosy, authentic markets of Lazio are the place to be. Thanks to the extremely fertile soil in this part of Italy , olive, fruit and nut trees grow like nowhere else. It should come as no surprise that these products form the foundation of many traditional dishes from the region.

The locals of Lazio absolutely love artichoke, which is incorporated into their food in many different ways. Enjoy fresh fish and seafood by the coast, very popular ingredients just like in Sicily. It's almost impossible to pick a favourite dish. But if I had to choose, I would go for Spaghetti a vongole! And did you know that the famous spaghetti a la carbonara with whipped egg, pork belly, Pecorino and Parmezan cheese was born in Lazio? You won’t find a better "charcoal burner's spaghetti" anywhere else. Their delicious wine is yet another important aspect of a culinary trip in Lazio. You could call it a wine trip! The traditional white Frascati wine is the pride of Rome and definitely my favourite!

The weather: from Lazio with love

The region can get quite hot in summer, certainly warmer than Tuscany, which lies at a higher altitude. Especially in Rome, temperatures exceed 30 degrees on a regular basis. Always a great excuse to visit the coast and catch some of that refreshing sea breeze. Locals love to celebrate their summer holidays by the coast. Which may add to the hustle and bustle between June and August. Winters are mild with less predictable weather. Most of the rain falls in November. Spring is the best time for a holiday in Lazio, between April and June. While September and October are great months to catch yourself some late summer in a typical Italian holiday home.