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Holiday on Sardinia: discover this Italian island

Without any effort whatsoever, our boat was cutting through the water. I was on a holiday on Sardinia, one of the Italian islands and my good friend Sofia had taken me on a boat trip to show me around. The long coastline has magnificent beaches with the gorgeous blue water of the Mediterranean Sea shimmering in the sun. We even spotted a group of dolphins cheerfully swimming along with our boat. After the boat trip, we took the rental car inland to continue our exploration of Sardinia. Authentic cities, stunning nature, impressive cliffs and remote bays... There’s just so much to discover in this beautiful part of Italy!

Small-scale hotels & apartments in Sardinia

Italian life truly stole my heart. I love to reserve some of my week away from home for a wine trip, and a farm holiday is a perfect starting point. These holiday homes tend to be surrounded by vineyards and large plots of land. This also makes Sardinia a great place to visit with children. Family holidays are a lot of fun as well, stay at a nice apartment or hotel to experience a magnificent holiday on Sardinia. All of my recommendations are located in the north of the island, which is also where you'll be flying to.

My holiday locations away from the masses on Sardinia have limited availability and tend to be fully booked in advance. Do you want to book a holiday to Sardinia? Be sure to book your undiscovered stay in time. Do you want to explore this Italian island as early as next week? Check out my last minutes to Italy or be one of the first to experience my latest discoveries.

Fly & Drive on Sardinia

Good to know: my flying holidays to Sardinia always include a rental car and a place to stay.

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Attractions on Sardinia

Sardinia is one of those islands that never cease to surprise me. Do you associate Sardinia with a typical beach holiday? So did I, before seeing the mountains in the inland, the bays at Arbatax and the countless birds in the Muravera region. Which is just a small sample of the gorgeous nature you'll discover during your holiday on Sardinia.

With a fly & drive holiday , it is a perfect destination to fly to and explore the island with your rental car. That is how I discovered the Italian town of Ollolai as well as a magnificent mountain range and breathtaking nature with all kinds of animals. The coastal city of Porto Cervo took me by surprise: truly the Saint Tropez of Italy. I was also thoroughly impressed by the island’s peaceful towns. Did you know that Sardinia is a Blue Zone? This means that life expectancy is higher here, which is due to the authentic lifestyle; people spend a lot of time in the outdoors, socialise a lot, eat healthy and exercise. Plus, their modern healthcare system certainly doesn’t hurt. I would love to grow old here!

Culinary trip on Sardinia

I love pasta, so I always try to find the tastiest recipes for unique pasta no matter what Italian region I’m in. My discovery of the traditional pasta from Tuscany, Con Lepre, had left me spoiled. But that didn’t stop me from finding more authentic dishes on Sardinia! The owners of an agriturismo where I was staying recommended a local speciality called Malloreddus. This pasta variety is used to make Malloreddus alla Campidanese, a dish prepared with a mouthwatering sauce of sausage, tomato and saffron. Simple but absolutely packed with flavour! It has become my favourite Sardinian dish, together with Pani Frattau. And then there is Porceddu. This Sardinian rotisserie pig roast is a favourite among locals. Will you give it a try?

The weather: from Sardinia with love

Sardinia has a subtropical and Mediterranean climate, so the weather is pleasant year round. Any time between May and September is a good time for a sun holiday. Sun is almost guaranteed and temperatures will be above 20 degrees and sometimes even above 30. If you like pearly white beaches, Sardinia is a perfect place for a refreshing dip in the azure blue sea. With a coastline of 1,800 kilometres, there are plenty of undiscovered little bays for you to explore during your holiday by the sea. It can get quite windy because of a frequent sea wind, which makes it a perfect place for kite and wind surfers! Just like Sicily, Sardinia has mild winters with an average temperature of 14 degrees. You may encounter some rain during this season and even snow at higher altitudes. If you’re the adventurous type, you’ll enjoy Sardinia's moderate temperatures during your small-scale holiday in spring or late summer; perfect for all kinds of activities!