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Gozo holidays: discover this Maltese island

Welcoming people, scenic views of green hills, cute white villages and great food: that is what a holiday on Gozo entails. This sister island of Malta is smaller and quieter, but just as beautiful. The nature and rustic environment form a wonderful backdrop for endless walks along steep cliffs and green valleys. One of the reasons I love coming here for a week in the Mediterranean. Although you have to drive on the left in the Maltese Islands, I am more than happy to accept the challenge. One thing is certain: you can relax here on your journey through Gozo like nowhere else.

Small hotels & apartments on Gozo

What I like about my unique locations in Gozo is that they are all authentic. Their construction allows you to see the real Gozo and the sun only makes it better. My favourite place to stay during a sunny holiday in Gozo is in a farmhouse. Here you can see the unique character of the island. These holiday homes are perfect for a holiday with children and family. Most villas also have a private swimming pool where children can jump in at any time of the day. Looking for a romantic spot? Then spend your holiday in an atmospheric hotel or cosy apartment. Here you will be pampered and can do nothing but relax. Please note: during your fly & drive holiday to Gozo: people drive on the left on the Maltese islands!

My small locations in Gozo are very popular and often fill up quickly. Want to book a trip to Gozo? Then quickly ensure yourself of a unique spot away from the crowd! For more holiday tips, you can also check out my latest discoveries or last-minute holidays to Malta

Fly & Drive in Gozo

Good to know: a holiday by air to Gozo always includes a rental car and accommodation.

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Places to visit in Gozo

On my travels to Gozo, I keep discovering the authentic fishing villages on the south coast. The coastline on the east side is rough and wild, but perfect for hiking. So is the Ghasri Valley in the north of the island. I love strolling through the narrow streets of the capital Victoria, only to end up in the romantic citadel after a short climb. Here you will find numerous museums and the cathedral is definitely worth a visit. You will also have a breathtaking view of the beautiful landscape and the Mediterranean Sea. The sister island of Malta  can be reached by ferry in just under an hour. I like to take a day trip to visit some of my favourite places. Whether I am on my bike or in the rental car from my farmhouse, they are both allowed on the boat. I think the best thing about Gozo is that you can combine it with island hopping from Malta. So you can go on a breathtaking round trip.

Culinary journey through Gozo

Apart from the Ä bejna, you should definitely try a ftira while on holiday in Gozo. This type of bread is a local favourite and is eaten with all kinds of toppings, such as the typical Gozo cheese. Gozo's cuisine is a mix of different tastes and influences, much like that of Cyprus. Roman and Arab influences can be found in the dishes, as well as Italian, French and British. In some bars, they serve special Gozitan meals. This is the best way to discover traditional dishes!

Weather: greetings rom Gozo

The weather in Gozo is excellent for a summer holiday, but even in the May holiday it is a popular destination. Gozo has a warm climate with dry summers and mild, wet winters. Gozo is slightly colder, windier and wetter than the Maltese islands of Malta and Comino. I often don't mind the breeze when on holiday by the sea. This is also reflected in the nature: it is greener than on the other islands. The rain falls mainly in the winter months, so you don't have to worry about getting rained on while on a beach holiday.