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Malta holidays: discover the rich history

Malta is perhaps best known as a sun, sea and sand holiday destination. While there is no shortage of all three, this Maltese island has much more to offer. The rich history, for example, as well as the neighbouring island of Gozo. I like to walk past prehistoric temples, through medieval villages and dream about a time far from the here and now. The characteristic narrow streets, with their cute little squares and balconies full of flowers, give the island a unique touch. I can't wait to explore this place again during my trip to Malta!

Small hotels & apartments in Malta

The islands of Malta are perfect for a round trip. I drive to the most beautiful places. During my holidays in Malta I like to stay at hotels. They are built in such a way that I can enjoy them in peace and privacy. The great thing about this holiday location is that you get a lot of personal tips. It is always so lovely to talk to the owners. With all the rooms lovingly decorated, Malta is a perfect honeymoon destination. Do you want to get away for a week? Then this island is the perfect place for you!

My small locations in Malta are very popular and often fill up quickly. Want to book a holiday to Malta? Then book a unique spot away from the crowd! Also be sure to check out my latest discoveries or last minute holidays to Malta.

Fly & Drive in Malta

Good to know: a holiday by plane to Malta always includes a rental car and accommodation.

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Places to visit in Malta

The island of Malta offers a beautiful colour contrast: the azure sea water, the honey-coloured limestone buildings and the clear sky. Mdina is one of those towns that always enchants me with its medieval buildings. Television series, such as part of Game of Thrones, are also regularly filmed here. During a small holiday I like to walk past these areas, and am surprised every time I spot a landmark. Malta is home to several megalithic temples, such as that of Ħaġar Qim. These temples are the oldest free-standing structures on earth, so definitely worth a visit.

During my trips to Malta, I always admire the capital city Valletta. When I visited the authentic city for the first time, I could not believe my eyes. The arrival over the bridge is already breathtaking. In the wide marble shopping street with all its cosy little shops, I stroll around for a while. Then I settle down at a café for a cup of coffee. That way I can look around and take everything in. Just like on Cyprus , you will see a mixture of all kinds of cultures here. You will see Italian food, the style of the French and you will hear the language of the Maltese. What a unique place it is! Be careful during your fly & drive holiday: people drive on the left on the Maltese islands.

Culinary journey through Malta

When I am on holiday in Malta , I can enjoy different specialities every season. I enjoy a beautiful piece of tuna in the autumn and gold mahi in the late season. All year round, I enjoy the tastiest snacks such as pastizzi, puff pastry filled with ricotta. I never skip dessert in Malta either. For example, the deep-fried dough rolls. To discover Malta's lesser-known wine culture, take a guided tour of a winery. Of course, all those delicious wines have to be tasted as well.

Weather: greetings from Malta

The warm summers and mild winters make Malta a great destination for a sunny holiday. Especially if you go island-hopping, this is the place to be. You can expect a lot of sun here – particularly between the months of May and September. There is practically no rain at that time and it is an ideal situation for a beach holiday. From October onwards, the temperature drops and the chance of rain increases. If you take a walk through nature after a rainstorm, you will see that it blossoms beautifully. It's not a bad idea to pack an extra jumper in your suitcase, so you can still walk around comfortably in late summer. In winter, it is around 15 degrees here.