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Who is Eliza?

I am happy to tell you!

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This is my story...

There are so many reasons for me to pack my bags and get on a plane or jump in a car to go and explore Europe. Whether it’s just lounging in a hammock enjoying endless views. Discovering forgotten little towns. Taking a dip in the bright blue Mediterranean. Tasting the most delicious home-cooked specialities at charming local restaurants. Or staying at small-scale properties run by passionate owners. Travelling always puts a smile on my face.

Whenever I travel I try to do so with a local friend who knows what’s what and introduces me to other locals. . Hearing all their stories and experiencing true hospitality makes me feel at home wherever I am in the world. 

I always make a point of venturing out on my own with a (rented) car. On the way, I often meet the most extraordinary people and I always ask them for tips about what to see, where to go and where to stay. I search out local markets and enjoy sitting down to a farmer's lunch. How wonderful life is in the Mediterranean...

Away from the crowd

Where everyone else turns right, I turn left.

This is how I discover the most special destinations and places.

Would you like to follow my adventures in Europe?

Good to know

Eliza was Here is part of Sunweb Group. At Sunweb we have 20+ years of experience in the travel industry and are happy to serve +1,2 M customers a year. 

Carefree enjoyment

Small-scale and away from the crowd

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Specialist with 20 years' experience

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Undiscovered holiday spots

I am always looking for the most unique places in Europe, far away from mass tourism. Here you can immerse yourself in the local people and customs. To make sure that all my destinations offer an incredible experience, I visit them as often as I can.

By air or by car

On my website you will find both air holidays and car holidays. If you book a flight holiday, a rental car is always included. You don't have to sit in that crowded tourist bus, but you can use your own rental car to find your holiday destination. I also offer car holidays to a number of southern European destinations.

Responsible holidays

In everything I do, I try to improve my impact on the environment, climate and local people. For example, I have received the Travelife sustainability certificate. This is how I help my clients to travel more sustainably.

How it all started

My love for discovering authentic places started in 2001 when I was driving through the Algarve and stumbled upon what would become the first Eliza was here address. By 2008 I had reached my first milestone by adding the tenth destination to my list. Now, many years and destinations later, what remains unchanged is my love for special places! Best of all, I think that there is still so much to discover.

My destinations

Looking for secluded beaches. Tasting local dishes. Enjoying the starry skies in the evening with a cool glass of wine. That is what I like to do best. And these unspoilt, authentic places, away from mass tourism, are all in Europe.

My discoveries

Friendly owners, a special location and small scale are at the heart of all my discoveries. My gems are the destinations with an extra unique touch. These places have won a special place in my heart and I would recommend them to anyone. You can be sure that you are in for a truly special experience.

If you are looking for a specific holiday, check out my theme pages such as honeymoons, culinary holidays, sustainable places or trips with children. Here you can find inspiration for your next holiday that really suits your wishes.

Do you already have a destination in mind, but can't choose between all my discoveries? Then get inspired on the search and book page. Here, you can use the filters to find your ideal holiday.