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Costa de Lisboa


Sun holiday at Costa de Lisboa: discover this lovely part of Portugal

If you want to explore authentic Portugal, consider the coast of Lisbon for a holiday by the sea. A pleasant climate and the refreshing sea within arm’s reach lay a great foundation for an unforgettable holiday at the Costa de Lisboa. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the hospitality of the locals. A perfect region to discover the uniqueness of Portugal. All you need is an open mind and a healthy dose of curiosity. From you holiday home, you'll enjoy a remarkable sun vacation at the Costa de Lisboa. A unique experience in the Mediterranean. One minute you'll be strolling around the streets of the Portuguese capital Lisbon and the next you'll be relaxing at the golden Cascais Beach!

Small-scale hotels & apartments at Costa de Lisboa

I just can’t get enough of my small-scale holiday finds at the Costa de Lisboa, from bed & breakfasts to holiday home. And I absolutely love staying at an authentic quinta. Thanks to their spacious layout, these holiday homes are perfect for a holiday with children. This is also a magnificent region for a culinary holiday. Some of my recommendations even offer cooking workshops. And all the facilities you need to put your newly learned skills into practice. For a more romantic holiday, consider staying at one of the cosy boutique hotels.

My cosy recommendations in Portugal are very popular and tend to be fully booked in advance. Do you want to book a holiday at the Costa de Lisboa? Be sure to secure your summer spot away from the masses in time! Check out my last minutes in Portugal or be the first to experience my latest discoveries.

Fly & Drive at the Costa de Lisboa

Good to know: a flying holiday to the Costa de Lisboa always includes a rental car and a place to stay.

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Eliza's tips

What to do at the Costa de Lisboa?

The coast of Lisbon is a great place for a fly & drive holiday full of culture, relaxation, beautiful nature and delicious food. You'll find long beaches and worldly seaside towns, such as Ericeira with its white cottages and narrow streets. You can easily visit all these locations with your rental car and every day will be different. Be sure to visit the fishermen's town, its perfect location by the sea makes it the ideal destination for surfers. Surfing options are endless here and you'll feel the surfing atmosphere just by walking around town.

Alentejo normally surrounds you with peace and quiet, but there is plenty of opportunity to visit vibrant cities and get a feel for the typical Portuguese atmosphere. As far as I'm concerned, you haven’t truly experienced Portugal  unless you’ve spent some time at Costa de Lisboa. Don’t forget to explore the historic gem of Sintra; a UNESCO world heritage site thanks to its monumental buildings, enchanting palaces and lavish gardens.

I always make sure to stay at one of the small-scale locations in this unique town during my tour of Costa de Lisboa. I also love to do a city trip to Lisbon where you'll hear the beautiful sounds of traditional fado music in coffee houses and authentic restaurants everywhere. Another great idea is to visit this region during Christmas. Christmas in Lisbon is truly a remarkable experience!

Culinary trip at the Costa de Lisboa

The first time you're in Lisbon, you may be surprised to see a sign that says ‘We have snails’. Don’t let the optics turn you off, because it really is a delicious little snack. Who knows, you may get used to the idea and give it a go! A great way to explore the local cuisine during at the Costa de Lisboa is to visit a market, such as Cais do Sodré. You'll find all kinds of fresh vegetables there as well as glistening monkfish, octopus and black scabbard fish. My favourite local dinner dish is Bacalhau com Natas, which is prepared with delicious hake. This Portuguese region is a perfect destination for fish enthusiasts. Just like Madeira with its delicious swordfish and the fish soup in the Algarve. A must-try dessert in Costa de Lisboa is Pastel de Nata. You'll find this mouthwatering sweet pastry all over the region. Definitely worth a try!

The weather: from Costa de Lisboa with love

The weather in Costa de Lisboa is great all the way from May to autumn. The coast has a warm climate with temperatures around 30 degrees in summer and around 15 degrees in winter. Summers are dry with water temperatures around 20 degrees; perfect to freshen up. Because of the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, average summer temperatures are a bit lower by the coast than in the inlands, where you'll be able to enjoy the swimming pool at your quinta. Sounds like a great destination for your summer holiday! Winters aren’t cold by any stretch. Still, not the best season for a beach holiday. With an average temperature of 18 degrees, I recommend packing an extra sweater for your winter sun holiday.