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Spring break 2022

Be surprised by sunny Europe

  1. Spring break 2022

On holiday during spring break 2022

Looking for the first rays of the sun!

Every year I make plans to visit the sun in the south of Europe in February. In my head I go through all my discoveries where there are nice temperatures during spring break. I'm already making a list of what I want to do, you should make the most of a short vacation!

When is spring break?

The spring break will fall on the following dates in 2022.

  • February 21 to February 25, 2022
  • Easter holiday from 11th to 22nd April, 2022

A week away in the spring

Slowly the list of destinations in my head gets longer and longer. Fortunately, it doesn't really matter where we go during spring break in the Mediterranean. When the sun shines, I'm already happy! A great destination to go into nature is, as far as I'm concerned, Italy; it is a journey of discovery to search for your final destination while driving along the vineyards. It may not be that warm yet, but that doesn't make the experience any less enjoyable. So for a slightly warmer sun I head to the south of Europe; Spain, Portugal and Cyprus are the places where temperatures already rise a bit in spring. Take a sweater with you in the suitcase for the colder evenings and it's a great place to stay!

In the spring you are still assured of peace and space with me in a place away from the crowd , with your partner or with your family. Are you going to book spring break at one of my small-scale accommodations?

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To the sun in spring

Give yourself some relaxation

Perhaps the image of a holiday in Europe in February is not the first thing that comes to mind, but make no mistake. In spring there is already so much beauty in the Mediterranean to see, taste and experience.

Maybe a week away to Andalusia is  a good option. After all, the coastal region is not called Costa del Sol for nothing. Even the harshest winter can't chase the sun away here! This also applies to the Canary Islands . I can already see myself sitting with a cool glass of wine on a terrace on the coast, enjoying the setting sun. I also know from my previous visits to Portugal that the Costa de Lisboa  or the Algarve  is a good place to stay for a holiday with children. I have always wanted to experience Carnival in Madeira  in February. With dancing and swinging samba groups you can shake off those winter blues in no time! And that's not even mentioning Cyprus and its international mix of culture...

Last minutes during spring break

Are your bags ready for departure? Above I have highlighted all my accommodations during the holiday period for you, you can also search my last minute options around the spring break.

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