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A sun holiday in Spain: explore the Spanish regions

‘What’s so special about a holiday in Spain?’ I glanced at Juan and a smile appeared on his face. ‘Come, let me show you around my tips for an authentic Spain experience!’. He took my arm and led me to his car. We passed small meandering roads on our way up a mountain. ‘Where are you taking me?’, I asked while marvelling at the surroundings. ‘You'll see!’. We soon arrived at the top of the mountain where he stopped the car. ‘It’s just a short walk from here, Eliza.’

I followed him as we climbed some wide, stone steps. When we arrived at the top, I could not believe my eyes. We were looking at the entire region of Andalusia. The bay below, glistening in the sunlight. Gorgeous Spanish buildings proudly standing on top of a mountain. Against a background of green hills as far as the eye can see. A perfect answer to my question, without the need for words. This is a truly unique feature of this part of the Mediterranean.

Small-scale hotels & apartments in Spain

I love to take my rental car and explore the dusty little roads through the mountains to discover small-scale locations, romantic hotels, authentic apartments and homey bed & breakfasts for a holiday in Spain. I am especially interested in authentic Spanish locations, such as a posada and a cortijo. To me, those make for the most memorable stays. One of these journeys ended up taking me to a Spanish finca. I was cheerfully greeted by Maria, the owner of this charming location. After a tour of the apartments and colourful vineyard and fruit trees, this traditional holiday home stole my heart. Versatile as can be, Spain is perfect for a child-friendly or a luxury holiday. I've found plenty of locations for you to choose from!

My Spanish holiday recommendations are very popular in the summer months and may be fully booked well in advance. Do you want to drive or fly to Spain for a holiday? Be sure to book your unique location away from the masses in time! Be the first to explore my latest discoveries. And don’t forget to take a look at my last minutes to Spain.

Fly & Drive and car holidays in Spain

Good to know: my flying holidays to Spain always include a rental car and a place to stay. I also offer car holidays to certain regions in Spain.

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