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Holiday in Alicante: discover the Spanish regions

Because of its golden beaches and sheltered bays, Alicante is also known as the Costa Blanca. Don’t let the magnificent coastline in the south-east of Spain absorb your entire beach holiday! Be sure to experience the distinguishing culture in Alicante with its own unique flavour of Spanish temperament. Pay a visit to the inland regions and enjoy some paella in one of the fishermen's villages. The colourful fishermen’s cottages in Villajoyosa never fail to put a smile on my face. The harbour of Altea is another favourite of mine; I just love to stroll around the centuries-old alleys to the top of the hill. Simply enjoy the Spanish view and be happy. I can recommend all kinds of small-scale locations for you to explore the beauty of Alicante!

Small-scale hotels in Alicante

I adore Alicante for the Spanish food and will often find myself a culinary gem. Most of all, I enjoy staying at an authentic posada or finca. Another great way to experience the authenticity of Spain is by staying at a cosy bed & breakfast where the sweet owners will make you feel right at home. I know all the best ones!

My Spanish recommendations are very popular in the summer months and may be fully booked. Do you want to book a holiday in Alicante? That means you're looking for a location away from the masses and I recommend to secure your booking in time. You can be the first to experience my latest discoveries or check out my last minutes to Alicante.

Fly & Drive in Alicante

Good to know: my flying holidays to Alicante always include a rental car and a place to stay.

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Eliza's tips

Places to visit in Alicante

There is no end to how much I can enjoy the hospitality of my Spanish hosts. Still, I love to head out and explore as well. A fly & drive holiday in Alicante  is a great opportunity to visit one of six natural reserves in this region. I will always find the time to drive my rental car to La Font Roja and enjoy endless hikes surrounded by the peace and quiet of nature. And the red-brown cliffs of Parque Natural de Serra Gelada are well worth the short hike. I also like to visit Salinas de Santa Pola to spot flamingos in their natural habitat. Such remarkable birds! Another great holiday tip for Alicante are the waterfalls and springs of Algar. Always a good reminder of how gorgeous nature can be.

I enjoy culture and history as much as beautiful hikes in Mediterranean nature. For that reason, I like to visit Cartagena. This city is basically one big museum and its gorgeous buildings and ruins will transport you to a time far away from the here and now. And if I want to rest afterwards, I simply head over to one of the stunning beaches or drive back to my casa. Plenty of choice!

In June, all Spaniards in Alicante celebrate Hogueras de San Juan to honour John the Baptist. The colourful spectacle with music and fire owes its name to the literal meaning of Hogueras, which means ‘bonfire’. During this festival, thousands of people welcome the arrival of summer and I was lucky enough to experience the celebration during my latest sun holiday in Alicante. I saw the most remarkable display of floats!

Culinary trip in Alicante

When I'm on a tour of Alicante, I make sure to look for products with a DOP quality label. The label stands for Denominación de Origen Protegida and guarantees the geographic location where the product is made as well as the quality of the manufacturer. This is how I’ve discovered new types of olive oil, honey, ham, wines and cheese. Not only in Costa Blanca but in other Spanish regions as well, including Andalusia  and Catalonia. Subject to very strict requirements, the DOP label guarantees a high-quality product. My personal favourites include nispero (a light orange fruit) and Fondillón Alicantino, a delicious semi-sweet wine.

The weather: from Alicante with love

The weather in Alicante and at Costa Brava is nice and predictable; perfect for a care-free summer holiday by the sea. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, summers are warm, winters are mild and there are plenty of sun hours between early summer in May all the way through late summer in October. Alicante is surrounded by gorgeous hills that have the added benefit of blocking much of the rain year-round. And temperatures are quite consistent here with summers around 30 degrees and winters around 16-20 degrees. Perfect temperatures for a hike in the winter sun in autumn and even during Christmas, but do make sure to bring a warm sweater. If you're looking for a warmer winter destination, consider the Canary Islands.