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Holiday on Gran Canaria: discover this Canary island

To ask me which one of the Canary Islands is my favourite for a sun holiday is like asking a mother to pick a favourite child. I simply can’t choose! And that’s after plenty of holidays of island hopping between some absolutely gorgeous locations. When it comes to relaxing on a stunning beach though, I would recommend Gran Canaria. The island has a coastline of no less than 236 kilometres and with over 80 beaches, there is always something new to see. Every time I return to Gran Canaria, I challenge myself to explore an unspoiled beach. The dunes of Maspalomas felt like I was in a desert. A perfect place for snorkelling and strolling in the dunes. This island reveals a different side of Spain.

Small-scale hotels & apartments on Gran Canaria

 From a finca to a cortijo, I discovered some authentic locations on Gran Canaria where time seems to stop. Some were converted to a magnificent hotel and there are apartments surrounded by tropical gardens. Whenever I want to spoil myself, I go for a luxury holiday in a modern villa on Gran Canaria.

I’ve collected a small number of recommendations for the Spanish islands and they tend to be very popular. Do you want to book a holiday on Gran Canaria? Be sure to reserve your place away from the masses in time! Are you looking for more holiday inspiration? You can be the first to experience my latest discoveries or check out my last minutes to Spain.

Fly & Drive on Gran Canaria

Good to know: my flying holidays to Gran Canaria always include a rental car and a place to stay. A fly &drive holiday on Gran Canaria will often take you on a challenging drive through the mountains to reach your destination. With the exception of the GC1 and GC2 highways, roads tend to be steep and narrow and require your utmost attention. The roads are secured with guardrails.

Tip: All of my flying holidays to the Mediterranean include a rental car of the smallest category. You can book a car with a more powerful engine to brave the steep roads a bit more comfortably. Just upgrade your car in the booking process; a surcharge will be applied automatically.

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Eliza's tips

Places to visit on Gran Canaria

Just like me, you'll probably associate a trip to Gran Canaria with gorgeous beaches such as the famous Playa del Inglés with its vast sand dunes. But did you know that Gran Canaria also has one of the most diverse landscapes in the world? Gran Canaria is located to the south-east of Tenerife  and to the west of Fuerteventura.

Just like its neighbours, it has a volcanic origin. With mountains over 2000 metres tall, tropical forests and dry desert areas. A level of diversity that stimulates many activities such as hiking, mountain biking and surfing. And you can always catch your breath in Gran Canaria, on one of the endless sandy beaches with a view of rocking palm trees... Speaking of hiking, Jardin Canario is a beautiful natural reserve with all kinds of paths for you to explore. And a beautiful view of the surroundings from the top of the mountain. The ultimate Spanish experience!

Another Gran Canaria holiday tip I’d like to share is a visit to the authentic capital of Las Palmas. I always make sure to head over there for a day and stroll around the streets of the historic district of La Vegueta. I just can’t get enough of the pastel-coloured houses with their wooden balconies and the decorated fountains surrounded by palm trees! This is also where you want to go for some nightlife, but I prefer to head back to my small-scale Spanish residence at night. With a glass of wine in my hand, I can stare into the abyss for hours. Gran Canaria has the brightest starry sky in Europe!

Culinary trip on Gran Canaria

A small-scale holiday on Gran Canaria will provide fish enthusiasts with a culinary trip to remember. Caldo de pescado (fish soup), vieja sancochada (fried sea bream) and Sancocho canario (a stew of salted cod and sweet potato) are some of my favourites. The latter is served on holidays and Sundays, so the dish has quite a festive association. And don’t forget to add a delicious glass of cold sangria to the mix!

The weather: from Gran Canaria with love

Thanks to the weather on Gran Canaria, it is always a great option for a sun holiday. The average temperature on Gran Canaria is 22 degrees with temperatures up to 28 degrees in the summer. June, July and August tend to be warm and dry. With the sun shining 9 hours a day, make sure to cool your feet in the water every now and then during your holiday by the sea. The late summer months of September and October are also great for a trip to Gran Canaria. It is one of my favourite islands to spend a week away from home in the autumn. Keep in mind that the north of the island will be rainier because the mountains in the centre of the island block the rain from reaching the south.

It tends to rain every now and then between October and March, but this doesn’t take away from the fact that Gran Canaria is a great destination for a winter sun holiday. Even in December, temperatures will remain around 20 degrees. Do pack a sweater though, because winter evenings can get quite chilly on Gran Canaria.