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Holiday on Lanzarote: discover this Canary island

I’ve always wanted to walk on the moon. The closest I ever got was at Park Timanfaya on Lanzarote, a desolate lava landscape. The black sand makes for a beautiful contrast with the cheerful colours of the houses on this Canary island. A lot of the characteristic features were created by the artist César Manrique. He decided that doors and window frames can only be painted green, blue and brown. Something I noticed while hopping from one small-scale holiday location on Lanzarote to the next. And yet, this Spanish island in the Mediterranean always strikes me as very colourful just like the rest of Spain!

Small-scale hotels & apartments on Lanzarote

A quiet holiday on Lanzarote is incomplete without a unique place to stay. Luckily, there is no shortage of typical Spanish fincas. Whenever I find myself on a Spanish island, I always try to find the one with the sweetest owners who are always there for you. I also highly recommend a stay at a stylish hotel or traditional apartment. For a luxury holiday on Lanzarote, I usually end up in a spacious Spanish holiday home. And for a family-friendly holiday, a villa is always a great option.

The owners of my authentic picks on the Spanish islands usually have limited availability. Start your search for a suitable location early and book your flying holiday to Lanzarote in time. Need some inspiration for your next holiday? Check out my latest discoveries or last minutes to Spain.

Fly & Drive on Lanzarote

Good to know: my flying holidays to Lanzarote always include a rental car and a place to stay.

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Eliza's tips

Places to visit on Lanzarote

Lanzarote will never cease to surprise you with its great diversity of landscapes. From aloe vera fields to barren land covered in lava. Though the Mirador del Rio viewpoint provides an endless view, Mirador de Guinate is my personal favourite. It is considerably more quiet and offers stunning views of the island. If your visit to Timafaya has left you just as impressed of anything volcano-related as me, the lava tunnels of Cueva de los Verdes are just the thing for you. A great place to witness the power of nature. And while you’re doing a tour of the impressive nature on the island, you might want to drop by El Golfo, a gorgeous green crater lake.

I love to get on a sail boat in Puerto del Carmen to marvel at the island from the sea. You'll pass many enchanting little bays and caves with azure blue water and enjoy a view that you can only see from there. All unique little spots that I love to explore. I also passed Playa Blanca; such a vibrant sight with its patios and cottages. I was even lucky enough to spot some dolphins!

Whenever I'm on a fly & drive holiday on Lanzarote, I always drive my rental car up to the La Geria region. The remarkable landscape amazes me every time and I always stop for some wine tasting such as the delicious Malvasía wine.

Culinary trip on Lanzarote

A while ago, on a tour of Lanzarote, I learned the term "bienmesabe" which literally means ‘it tastes great’ in Spanish. More importantly, it is the name of a delicious dessert made of almonds, honey and sugar, often served with ice cream. Once I had discovered this dish, “me sabe bien” became one of my favourite sentences. Not just for this speciality, but for the wealth of tasty dishes you can get at all of the authentic restaurants on this island. When I'm island hopping between the Canary Islands of Tenerife, Gran Canaria  and La Palma locals always enjoy seeing me practice my Spanish vocabulary. Just a couple of words will go a long way here in Spain!

The weather: from Lanzarote with love

Lanzarote is an island with little rain, making it a safe destination for a beach holiday. Summers on Lanzarote are nice and warm with temperatures around 28 degrees. I also love to visit in May and during my summer holiday.

Temperatures exceed 20 degrees almost every day, including winter. This makes it a suitable destination for a sun holiday year round and there is no reason to avoid this island even in the colder months of October, December or March. I do recommend to bring a sweater to your winter sun holiday on Lanzarote to make sure you don’t get cold at night.

Because of frequent trade winds on the island, the temperature rarely feels unpleasant. Summers can get quite hot if the wind brings hot air from the Sahara to the Canary Islands. Luckily, this doesn’t happen very often.