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Agriturismo in Italy

Experience Italian country life

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What exactly is an agriturismo?

A farm holiday with actual Italians!

Though Italy is abundant in delights, one of my favourites is to stay at an agriturismo. An authentic farm, where the farmer is usually also the host. They come in various forms, from old, restored country houses to cosy B&Bs, but all are small in scale and deliver Italy with a particularly human touch. They can be found in picturesque nature – green mountains, olive groves, or amongst dusty hills.

You’ll find them in Puglia and Tuscany, Sardinia and Sicily, just to name a few areas.

Fun fact; Italians consider agritourism to be an important cultural heritage. The term is even protected. An agriturismo in Italy must therefore be in possession of a special permit.


Experience a farm holiday in Italy

When I discovered that Italy is full of beautiful agriturismos I made it my mission to go and hand pick the very best. It was a rather nice process as the regions around Italy are so varied that each farm has its own distinctive character. Apart from the olive groves! It seems that to be a beautiful farm in Italy you have to have olive trees. Which was a lovely bonus for me, as I once spent a very special week in Italy picking olives and this brought all those warm memories wafting back.

As mentioned, I have made it my mission to discover and share the most beautiful gems from the Italian regions with you. And luckily that works well! Because every region in Italy is different, each farm has its own characteristics and specialties.

Would you like a holiday on a farm? Then simply book a holiday at one of my small-scale agriturismos in Italy. Generally they can fill up quite quickly. Do you need help with your choice? Please
contact me, I know this destination like no other and can help you on your way!

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Discover my Italian Agriturismos away from the crowd

A culinary farm holiday in Italy 

Enjoy delicious dishes from special locations

When I think back to my holidays in an agriturismo, I immediately get a smile on my face. When I was traveling around Tuscany I quickly came across a very special place. Not only was the view from this agriturismo breathtaking, but I was also immediately invited to do a wine tasting of the various homemade wines.

Later in the week, I joined a Tuscan barbecue. The sweet owner made sure that I experienced authentic Tuscany during my holiday. Such an agriturismo is the perfect place for me to spend my holidays in Italy.

Because you stay on a farm you really feel like you are in rural life. The typical Italian agriturismo, for example, are often producers of wine, olive oil, or cheese. During my holidays I tasted homemade dishes made from local products, went on beautiful walks over the green hills, and regularly ended the day with a glass of wine on a romantically lit terrace. An authentic experience is guaranteed on an agriturismo holiday in Italy.

Since you stay on a farm you can fully enjoy life in the countryside. For example, the agriturismo where I stayed were producers of wine, cheese, and olive oil. Food and drink, therefore, play an important role at an agriturismo in Italy. The owners know a lot about the local cuisine and are happy to help their guests with the tastiest dishes, made with products from their own country! I already am longing again for the long dinners outside on the terrace.

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