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Agriturismo in Puglia

A farm holiday close to the beach

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Spend the night at an agriturismo in Puglia

Exploring the farm

When I drove the car through the south of Italy, I was amazed. Hill after hill, valley after valley; everywhere I looked I saw vineyards. Finally, I was paying a visit to Puglia, also called Apulia by the locals. The view of the vineyards here is never boring. Puglia is Italy's largest export producer of wine. In addition to discovering all types of wine, there is so much to see and experience in this Italian region. Do you want to experience Apulia as the locals do? Then it is best to stay at an agriturismo place in Puglia. These rural destinations give you an authentic experience of rural life.

What is an agriturismo?

An agriturismo is a farm that has opened its doors to guests. In Puglia this is often a wine farm. What is unique about sleeping on a farm in Puglia is the proximity to the beach. One moment I'm on the farm and the next I'm paddling in the azure blue sea. The versatility of Puglia is never boring. Puglia is also known for a very special type of agriturismo: the trulli. Trulli are white, cone-shaped houses that can only be found in Puglia. They look almost magical. The village of Alberobello has the most trullis; about 1000. At some of my holiday destinations it is possible to spend the night in a trulli, I can tell you it is a unique experience!

Do you already see yourself sitting in one of these special places? Then simply book a holiday at my small-scale agriturismos in Puglia. Be quick, because they fill up quicklyl. Do you need help with your choice? Please contact me, I know this region like the back of my hand and can help you on your way!

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Discover my most beautiful agriturismos in Puglia

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Enjoy culinary delights on a farm holiday in Puglia 

Discover the rural life of this region

Whether you choose a cozy apartment or a lovely hotel room, my agriturismo accommodations in Puglia are farms that have been renovated to give you an optimal holiday feeling. A number of these farmers have retained their rural lifestyle and are still producing on the land themselves. If you are lucky enough to stay at one of these rustic agriturismo locations, many have also opened a restaurant where you can enjoy freshly grown culinary delights every evening.

But don't worry, agriturismo comes in many shapes and sizes. You can also come across romantic agriturismo locations where you can spend the night. Or a luxurious agriturismo in the form of a Masseria where you can completely relax in the sunbed by the pool.


In any case, my owners are always ready to let you experience an unforgettable holiday in Puglia.

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If you book a flight holiday with me, it always includes accommodation and rental car!

Discover Puglia by car

Discover the beautiful landscapes while driving

What better way to discover the Puglian countryside than by car? If you look closely, there are plenty of picturesque villages to take a trip to. If you are staying at an agriturismo in Puglia, it is certainly nice to have a car on hand. These small-scale places are often remote and away from the crowd. They are very nice for hikers to discover nature, but if you want to eat something in another town, it is useful to have your own car or rental car on hand.