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Small-scale B&Bs in Europe

The smell of freshly baked bread hits me. The bright Mediterranean sun shines into my eyes. I turn around one more time in my comfortable bed. How wonderful it is to wake up in a unique Bed & Breakfast… When I, just a bit later, sit down for breakfast, my hostess quickly puts down a bowl of juicy figs, freshly picked from her garden. “Mangia, Eliza” she urges me and she hurries to the kitchen to get a load of fresh sfogliatelle from the oven. Generosity and hospitality, that's what I love about a charming B&B!

This is just one element of the pampering you’ll receive in a B&B. From fluffy bathrobes, to the best in local advice, or perhaps a lovely pool that you barely have to share with anyone else. Yes, I have found some real B&B gems around the Mediterranean!

What is a B&B?

In a B&B you’ll stay in the host’s beautiful home and be served a delicious breakfast in the morning. And as we’re talking about the Mediterranean, you’ll probably receive something along the lines of fresh, buttery croissants, local breads and patisserie, or figs and nectarines straight from the garden.

Beyond the obvious though, a B&B also means having access to the host and all their local tips and stories. And that’s the same whether you’re in Portugal, Spain, Italy, or elsewhere.


Be quick, because they can fill up pretty quickly. Can't figure out exactly where you want to go or do you need advice? Please contact us and we'll take a look together!

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Discover my Bed and Breakfast away from the crowd

Spend the night in a unique B&B

Experience the local life

Everyone knows that I prefer not to stay amongst the tourists. Give me a spot to holiday in the middle of nature and close to the life of the local population. The various B&Bs I have discovered during my travels are always in quiet locations, away from the crowd. They are run by the most passionate owners, the personal service they provide always makes me feel right at home. They proudly tell stories about how their unique B&B were created and how it has been furnished with great love and an eye for detail.

You can feel the love in such a small-scale Bed & Breakfast in every corner… You can count on a warm welcome here! So don't be surprised when, for example, there is a welcome package waiting for you on arrival.

If you book a car holiday, you can travel to your destination with your own transport.

If you book a flight holiday with me, it always includes accommodation and rental car!

Which Bed & Breakfast suits you best?

Authentic, romantic or luxurious

You will find southern hospitality from Portugal to Greece. In the Algarve, for example, you start the day with a view over the cliffs that plunge dramatically into the sea. After a delicious meal, you can then discover the beautiful walks or the quiet sandy beaches. You can also find countless charming B&Bs in Italy and Spain. During my travels I kept track of my favorite spots. I would like to introduce you to that small-scale Bed & Breakfast above. And to make it even more fun? Start brushing up on those Greek, Portuguese, Spanish or Italian words!

Driving on country roads in the Mediterranean in my rental car, I have stayed in several B&Bs in recent years. The personal attention and authentic character of these B&Bs will always stay with me. In Spain I fell for a romantic Bed & Breakfast, located between banana, orange and avocado trees, it looked just like a postcard. And in Portugal I stayed in an authentic quinta that had been transformed into a Bed & Breakfast with a swimming pool. Completely relaxed and enjoying the personal attention, that's how a holiday should be...