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Romance by the Mediterranean Sea

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Romantic overnight stay in a Bed and Breakfast

Cosy tranquility with your significant other

A cosy B&B in the Mediterranean can make for a wonderfully romantic get-away. You wake up in soft, white sheets, the sun gently illuminating the face of your loved one. A light breeze dances through the open window, and from below you year the comforting clink of pottery as the host readies your breakfast. Blessed!

After that, the day awaits and you know you’ll be returning to a true home later in the evening.

What is a B&B?


Apart from the obvious – you’ll be staying in an actual home, and tended to by the owner / host! – a B&B is an opportunity to have a small-scale experience, where the focus is on human connection. Whether it be a little chat with the owner, as they direct you to all the local gems, or actually enjoying drinks with local in the little tavern that they recommend, this is travelling done right.

Romantic overnight stay at a chambre d’ hôtes


My romantic B&Bs are the best in off-the-beaten-track-accommodation.  In Andalusia, I like to go out and explore old towns. Italy is also great! You can immerse yourself in southern Italian hospitality. Really, I have so many small-scale paradises all along the Mediterranean, that it's hard to name them all. These spots are very popular, so get in quick before they fill up. Would you like personal advice about a chic spot? You can always contact us and we'll take a look together!
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Discover my romantic B&Bs away from the crowd

Dreamy Bed & Breakfast for a weekend away

Nothing but the two of you together

Take all the time for each other, relax in the jacuzzi, and have an extensive breakfast in the morning, without a single moment of stress. Sound like a dream no? That dream becomes reality when you spend a nice holiday together at an idyllic B&B. In Europe, I went looking for beautiful places that fit into this dream, and luckily I was able to find a few!

Together in Italy, taste the passion and romance that Italians use in their dishes. Enjoy the Greek hospitality that you are surrounded by in Greece. There is no shortage of relaxation in Spain where you can break up the day with a Spanish siesta. Get to know the splendor of Portuguese nature by taking a romantic walk. And in Malta, take advantage of the Spa and plan a wonderful massage for total rest and relaxation.

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