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Splash in the pool at a Bed & Breakfast

Cool down at your cosy digs!

Let me explain why a Mediterranean B&B that comes with its own swimming pool is truly a thing to treasure! Well, you obviously have the small-scale, cosy, and personalised  touch one associates with B&Bs. And not only do you also have the benefit of a swimming pool that you would generally only expect in a more impersonal hotel, but you’ll barely have to share it with anyone else. You don’t have to worry about missing out on a sun lounger or being annoyed by all sorts of horseplay.

Now, where’s that new Bestseller I bought at the airport?


What is a B&B?


At a B&B you can spend the night in a place away from the crowds where you can join a delicious breakfast in the morning that is ready for you. The owners of these accommodations are true hosts and service is central to them. In Italy I was treated to delicious omelettes, in Spain I was served fine, small snacks and in Portugal, I enjoyed a table with healthy products from the garden. You can always ask these owners for tips in the area. Whether you want to stay at the pool of the B&B all day or go out; you will not lack anything here.


Chambre d’hôtes with swimming pool

I have listed my fantastic B&Bs with a swimming pool below, it's that easy! You can easily book a holiday at my small-scale B&B with a swimming pool throughout Europe. Get there early, as they can fill up pretty quickly. Would you like personal advice about a destination or accommodation? You can always  contact us and we'll take a look together!
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Discover my B&Bs with swimming pools

Discover B&Bs with swimming pools in Europe

Take a dip every day

Sunscreen at hand, a cool drink on the table next to you, and the European sun overhead. You don't need more to enjoy a holiday at a Bed & Breakfast with a swimming pool. In the sunny parts of Europe, it is nice if you can take a dip in the swimming pool of the B&B after a full day of activities. Or just do nothing for the day and relax on a sun lounger with a good book. Where in Europe can you find these special B&Bs?

In Italy, you lie at a swimming pool overlooking the countless vineyards. In Spain, you enjoy a lovely siesta in the sun on the sun lounger in the afternoon. In Greece, you are welcomed in the morning by the glint of the Greek sun on the water of the pool. In Portugal, you can enjoy the view of the vast fields and nature at an authentic B&B. In Malta, you can relax at the B&B after a day of cultural activities.


Is there anything more a person needs? I don’t think so!

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