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The most beautiful boutique hotels in Europe

Hidden among the secrets of the Mediterranean

Small and intimate holiday accommodations, away from the crowd, run by the most friendly owners… That's exactly what I look for in a holiday! This is why I like to go to attractive boutique hotels in the Mediterranean, where hospitality and personal attention are always present. I secretly look forward to sleeping in a boutique hotel days in advance. A fluffy soft bed with crisp sheets in a room with a design that is a feast for the eyes. I also look forward to dreaming away by the pool and spending the day in the wellness spa that awaits me... For me, that is the ultimate experience in a boutique hotel.

I went around Europe looking to discover these unique and small-scale hotels. Whether you're looking for a nice boutique hotel in your own country or a boutique hotel abroad: I've selected my favourites for you below, because I don't want you to miss out!

Small-scale boutique hotels in Europe

If a weekend or a midweek break in Europe is possible for you for 4 days, then I definitely recommend looking for a boutique hotel in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, or Spain. But even for a longer period of time, it is wonderful to spend your days here at the pool.

Through my website, you can easily go on holiday to the most beautiful boutique hotels in Europe! Do you prefer personal travel advice? Contact me and I'll be happy to help!

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Discover my boutique hotels away from the crowd

Luxurious design in a boutique hotel

Small-scale and stylish

A boutique hotel is often furnished with great attention to detail. Each boutique hotel, therefore, has a quirky and sometimes even striking appearance. All my owners have chosen their addresses with great care and put a lot of love into the design for the hotel. How about rooms with a unique theme, for example? Incorporate the appearance of the environment into the interior? Or collaborate with local entrepreneurs in the region? No boutique hotel is the same.

In addition, a boutique hotel pays a lot of attention to luxury; an extra-large bed, a jacuzzi, or an extensive breakfast. During a holiday in a boutique hotel, you will be really pampered! Just one of the many reasons I like to spend my holidays in such small-scale boutique hotels in Europe. Get away from it all, be completely pampered and just relax…

If you book a car holiday, you can travel to your destination with your own transport.

If you book a flight holiday with me, it always includes accommodation and rental car!

A special over night stay in a boutique hotel

Immerse yourself in peace and relaxation

When I think back to staying in my boutique hotels in Europe, good memories and beautiful experiences always come to mind.

I'm lucky that my good friend Mark worked for years in an attractive boutique hotel in Mallorca. It really was his baby, and I understand that. Rolling green fields, rugged mountains in the distance, and all bathed in the warm sun. What a phenomenal panorama at this boutique hotel… A paradise! A good glass of wine and a nice conversation with the owner of the hotel: for me, there is no better feeling than this! This allowed me to talk for hours with the owner Marco about the unique environment.

When I think back to the pleasant trips I made, I also think of my holiday in the atmospheric boutique hotel on the Greek island of Rhodes. The owner, Kosmas, went out of his way to make all aspects of my stay a success. His enthusiasm made me feel right at home in a place I had never been before. And then that swimming pool with those lovely luxurious beds… Yes, a holiday in the sun in a boutique hotel in such a unique place should be celebrated in luxury!