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The soothing sea air of the Mediterranean

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Enjoying a house by the sea

With the rumble of the waves in the background

Quietly, so as not to wake my friends Celia and Aurora, I sneak across the room. Carefully I slide open the door and slip out. A few seconds later I'm on the beach. If, like me, you like a sunrise walk along the beach, a holiday by the sea in the Mediterranean is for you. I turn my face to the sun and catch the first rays. Although it is still early, the sand already feels pleasantly warm under my feet.

I take a deep breath of the salty sea air, it is a promise for the coming days. I settle into complete relaxation now that I’m on my beach holiday.

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Discover my European Accommodations by the sea

Beachside destinations in the Mediterranean

Can you hear the waves yet

When I think back to all my holidays by the sea, great memories immediately come to mind. During my trips on the beautiful Greek islands of Zakynthos and Lefkas, I continued to enjoy the beautiful views over the sea. Also in Italy, Portugal, and Spain I soon discovered breathtaking places by the sea where I spent my holidays. Enjoying the sun, the silence, and nature here among the locals. My holiday by the sea could not go wrong. Just the views alone are so beautiful.

Places with a sea view

And so I made countless discoveries of places with an impressive view of the sea. On Crete, I will never forget the view of the sea. From the beach, at the swimming pool, and also at the taverna of my accommodations you continue to see impressive views. The azure seawater just kept twinkling in my eyes. Paradise on earth! Although I have so many special discoveries, I prefer to travel to a place by the sea.


A beach holiday in paradise

From Greece to Spain and Portugal

It seems like I'm dreaming. Miles of beaches and an azure blue sea. With my feet in the lukewarm water, I see small fish swimming past me. But this is real! I am on a beach holiday in the Mediterranean Sea. And in my unique hotel, I feel like a queen!

The Mediterranean is a paradise for a coastal holiday. I absolutely love the Costa de Lisboa, full of charming villages and unique beaches. For lunch a fresh bacalhao with a glass of vinho verde and pasteis de nata? No problem! In no time you will also be in elegant Lisbon – a wonderful city! For a beach holiday, I also like to go to that Spanish classic: Tenerife. Meanwhile, in the large crowd, you also discovered the beautiful sandy beaches. Yet I still found small-scale places here where I like to relax.


Coastal holiday in Europe 

Italy or Greece also offer nice options. Kefalonia, for example, has an abundance of cozy coves with beaches to dream away. For some extra thrills, I'm sending you to Zakynthos. On the rugged west coast, cliffs drop into the turquoise waters for a spectacular beach getaway. Whichever part of the Mediterranean you choose, with my tips your beach holiday will be unforgettable. And don't forget: with me, a rental car is immediately included when you book!

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