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Holiday home in Cyprus

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Spend the night in a villa in Cyprus

The magic of this special island

A cool breeze blows through my hair. I feel it softly on my cheek. I open my eyes. I am looking out on the Mediterranean Sea of Cyprus, half an hour ago I fell asleep here at my holiday home in Cyprus. What a nice nap! I have all the peace and privacy around me here. The best part is that I can walk straight to the beach from my villa. After a short walk along the sea, I lay down on my lounger to close my eyes. It's great that this is always possible on holiday.

Tomorrow I will visit one of the neighbouring villages. With the rental car, I can be there from my holiday home in no time! I am always curious about what these villages have to offer. Picturesque streets, cozy restaurants, lovely locals; I am looking forward to this lovely experience.


Rent a holiday home in Cyprus 

Whether you go on holiday with friends or family, at a villa in Cyprus there is enough space for a group of up to 8 people. At one villa you can enjoy the barbecue together by the private pool, at the other villa you can walk straight into the sea. You can also be surrounded by beautiful nature in the middle of the mountains. In any case, the surroundings of Cyprus will never be boring. The furnishing of each holiday home is different, from colorful to modern. What all places have in common is that they are fully equipped. You don't have to do anything but relax when you rent a holiday home in Cyprus.

Looking for a Cypriot holiday home that suits you and your travel group? I have listed a number of locations for you below. These holiday homes in Cyprus are very popular and they are easily full before you know it. Want advice on any of these spots? Simply contact us and we will look for your ideal holiday together!

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The charm of a holiday home in Cyprus

Discover all sides of the island 

I have found unique holiday homes in many different places in Cyprus. At one place I enjoyed the jacuzzi at my holiday home. I spent the entire trip in the evening lounging in the water, what a pleasure! At another holiday home, I dreamed away at the sea view. The rumble of the waves had a calming effect and I slept wonderfully. 

What all my holiday homes in Cyprus had in common was a swimming pool where I could take a refreshing dip. And to make it even better, this was often also a private pool that I had all to myself. The next time I will rent a holiday home in Cyprus, I will bring some friends with me. Because these kinds of special places need to be shared!

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