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Holiday homes in Greece

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Spend the night in a Greek holiday home away from the crowd

The Magic of the Greek Islands


I still remember the first time I met my Greek friend Manos. Early in the morning in a coffee shop at the harbor on the Greek island of Crete, we started talking. He, with his cap on and his typical Greek look, asked me where I was staying. I told him that I was still looking for a nice place to spend the night in the coming days. There was a twinkle in his eye. “My boyfriend has a beautiful holiday villa here on this Greek island!”

It has become one of my favorite ways to spend my holidays: in my own holiday home in Greece. They are often located in untouched nature, close to local life, and easily accessible to explore the area with my rental car. I now regularly stay in my 'own' holiday home on the various islands. Because it is not only possible on Crete, I have also discovered countless fantastic holiday homes on Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkas, and many other islands that are fantastic to spend a beautiful holiday.


Rent a holiday home in Greece

Like me, do you like to stay far away from the massive holiday parks, overrun beaches, and crowded tourist buses? Then there must be a holiday home among my offerings for you. Where everyone turns right, I turn left. During my travels through Greece, I found the most unique holiday places. When you want to rent a holiday home in Greece with me, you can assume that it is always far from the crowd. My places are always quiet and surrounded by greenery. They are also in the midst of local life. Enjoy a holiday villa on the Greek islands with an authentic character, spacious rooms, a private garden, and terrace, or even a private swimming pool. A unique experience guaranteed!

Looking for a Greek holiday home that suits you and your travel group? I have listed a number of locations for you below. They are very popular places, so book your holiday on time. Do you want advice about one of these spots? Please contact us and we will look for your ideal holiday home together!

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Discover my holiday homes in Greece

Where is your ideal holiday villa in Greece located?

From Zakynthos to Crete

Since I met Manos, I knew for sure: there are still so many unique places to be found in Greece! And it is true. Again and again, I am surprised by the tips from locals. Every time I get the most beautiful sunset, I end up in hidden bays and I eat at the tastiest local restaurants... If you are still in doubt: Greece is fantastic!

Whether you choose idyllic Chalkidiki, intimate Lefkas, or unspoilt Zakynthos; I found unique holiday homes in many different places in Greece. If you want to rent a holiday home in Greece with me, a flight and a rental car are always included. This way you can explore your own place. Once you have arrived, a rental car gives you the opportunity to explore the entire region to your heart's content!

If you book a car holiday, you can travel to your destination with your own transport.

If you book a flight holiday with me, it always includes accommodation and rental car!