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Where is your ideal holiday home in Spain?

Your own villa in Spanish nature

The endless white houses in Andalusia, the beautiful coasts of Alicante, the cosy atmosphere in Catalonia… I love Spain! The country of the best tapas, small villages, and lovely locals, of which I have already embraced a few as real friends. Spain is a country that will never bore me. I prefer to stay in an authentic holiday home in Spain. A house of my own, all to myself!

But not only the mainland has its charm, the islands of Spain are also special. For example, Mallorca with its azure blue water has become one of my favourite destinations. At a holiday home in Ibiza I immerse myself completely in the bohemian atmosphere. The ruggedness of La Palma and Lanzarote also made a big impression on me. Staying in a holiday villa in Spain is always a good plan, no matter which place you visit!


In recent years I have discovered many attractive holiday homes in Spain, far away from the crowd, close to nature, and with the locals just around the corner. So close to real Spanish life. I always come back there thanks to my rental car, which takes me off the beaten track. I love it: wandering through the beautiful landscapes, the sun shining on the car… And then that silence once I arrive at one of my spots. Indescribable!

Rent a holiday home in Spain


I slowly stir the large pan. Tonight there is paella on the menu, my favorite Spanish dish. Satisfied I look around me: from here you have a beautiful view of the sea. And it is so wonderfully quiet too. Having your own holiday home makes it a real holiday. That is why you can easily book a holiday home in Spain with me!

During my travels through Southern Europe I discovered the nicest places. I always make sure my accommodation is far from mass tourism. So no busy holiday parks full of villas, but your own quiet palace. Enjoy a holiday home with a swimming pool that is fully equipped, often times even with a jacuzzi. My holiday homes are often run by hospitable owners who welcome you with open arms. Mix with the locals and experience the authentic atmosphere of your holiday destination.

Do you already see yourself in a holiday home on the Costa Brava, Costa Blanca or Costa del Sol? And do you want advice about one of these destinations? Please contact us and we will look for your ideal holiday place together.

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Discover my holiday homes in Spain

If you book a car holiday, you can travel to your destination with your own transport.

If you book a flight holiday with me, it always includes accommodation and rental car!

A Spanish villa with a pool

For a refreshing dive

Where everyone turns right, I turn left. My holiday homes are therefore far from mass tourism. This way you experience peace during your holiday. They are often surrounded by nature or located in nice villages close to the locals. I found many unique holiday homes in Spain with a swimming pool. How about a villa in the middle of a banana plantation in the Canary Islands or authentic white holiday homes in Ibiza. Where will you float in your own swimming pool?


Holiday Home in Southern Spain

With your own car or rental car you can explore your holiday home in Spain yourself. Once you arrive, the car gives you the freedom to explore and discover the real southern Spain. While driving through Andalusia in Spain, I discovered all kinds of special places. How about an authentic holiday home in the middle of rugged nature? Or a modern villa with a view of the Sierra de Mijas? Whatever you choose, you are sure to get a unique experience. That is assured with me! I put the finishing touches to my tapas in the outdoor kitchen of my holiday home. Satisfied I look around me: from here you have a beautiful view of the sea. And it is so wonderfully quiet here. Renting your own holiday home, that's a real holiday for me.


Cottage on the Spanish Islands

It is also a party for me on the islands. Sipping my cappuccino in a small restaurant, I tell a good friend of mine that I love Ibiza. He starts laughing. He still thinks that Ibiza is the party island of Spain. For years I was under the same assumption as my friend. Until I met a resident of Ibiza. He told me about the beauty of his island and let me know about the beautiful villas in Ibiza, where I could completely relax. I left a few weeks later. And he was right! Ibiza has stolen my heart. Now I have already discovered many unique places and all quiet and far away from the crowd. He looks up in surprise, he is curious. I continue: 'My best experience was perhaps that white villa in Ibiza, located between the pine trees and with its own swimming pool.

I also remember well that I discovered my very first seaside holiday home in Lanzarote. A unique and small-scale spot, just off the coast. The owner, Juan, drove me around the Spanish island. He showed me how surprisingly beautiful this Spanish island is. One hidden bay after another came into view. He took me to authentic restaurants, where I discovered the tasteful local cuisine of Ibiza. A fantastic experience!