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How about a holiday home with its own pool?

Luxury, privacy, and tranquility

Lying under the Mediterranean sun, a glittering private pool within walking distance and the birds chirping in the background. Finally you are able to get around to that thick book and then you look up and discover you're the only one at the pool. This tranquility for me is the ultimate holiday happiness. These holiday homes are often located in the most beautiful places in the middle of nature. And if you want, you can be in a nice village nearby to experience local life. 

I visit so many special and beautiful places in Europe... In Portugal I often stay in a characteristic holiday home a short distance from the beach and the sea. In Spain I often choose a nice  casita  in a quiet location in land. I have collected so many unique destinations! There are also many unique holiday homes with their own swimming pool in Cyprus, Italy or France. All accommodations are run by passionate owners where you get that little bit extra: a bottle of wine that is ready for you, an extra soft bathrobe and sometimes there is even a jacuzzi or sauna. Are you looking for a romantic place with lots of privacy or a spacious  casa  where you can enjoy the whole family? View my favorite accommodations with swimming pools here.

Rent a holiday home with a pool

My holiday homes with swimming pool are always quietly located, far away from mass tourism. You will find them in the middle of nature or close to the locals. These destinations are often run by passionate owners. Here you often get that little bit extra: a bottle of wine that is ready for you on arrival, an extra soft bathrobe or maybe there is even a jacuzzi or sauna.

During my travels through Europe I found the most unique holiday homes with swimming pool. On Crete I found authentic stone villas in the middle of nature and on Lanzarote I found unique renovated fincas. Where will you be stretched out in the sun? I have listed them below, so that you can easily rent your holiday home. If you can't figure it out, you can always contact  me and we will look for your ideal accommodation together.

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Discover my holiday homes with a swimming pool

Splash in the private pool

In the hidden places in the Mediterranean

Fragrant smoke rises from my barbecue. Tonight there are Gambas al ajillo on the menu. I could invite some Spanish locals I met yesterday. I look around and smile; in this spacious holiday home with private pool there is enough space for the entire village. But I will keep this unique holiday home and the swimming pool to myself for the time being.

Villa with swimming pool in the green

My friends are arriving tomorrow! When I told them that I had been enjoying the Spanish sun for several days, they spontaneously decided to get on the plane. I immediately approached the owner if he had a holiday home for 8 people with a swimming pool available. "Of course Eliza, that's no problem! Come on, I'll help you switch houses." And before I knew it, I have this spacious villa all to myself for a day. And that private pool is definitely a nice bonus.

I have also discovered a villa for a large travel group in Greece, Portugal, Cyprus and Italy. Whether you are looking for a holiday home with 4 people, 6 people or up to 10 people; I can help you on your way! 

The kids have the pool to themselves

While you read a good book on the veranda, the children can enjoy themselves in the pool. A holiday home with a swimming pool is of course wonderful for the family! You can keep a close eye on them from a few meters. Because my villas are in a quiet location, the neighbors will not be bothered by you. Believe me, you'll never want to be without a private pool again!

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