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Holiday in a finca

Siesta in the Spanish sun

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Stay in a Spanish Finca

Live like an old-school Spaniard!

For me, staying in a finca means getting in touch with my inner Spaniard. In the afternoon, I like to take a siesta by the pool, and in the cooler evening I head into the village square for a hearty paella. As mi amigo Alex says about renting a finca : “It’s unique. It feels like an endless summer.”

My holiday at Finca del Mundo in Andalusia was typical of these Iberian delights. After a bumpy ride on dusty roads surrounded by stark mountains, a lovely house appeared like an oasis in the distance. When I reached the entrance, owner Susan greeted me warmly and I knew straight away that a holiday in a finca was a great idea.

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Discover unique fincas away from the crowd

What is a finca?

A finca is actually a Spanish holiday home in the countryside. Renting a finca is not only very pleasant, but you also get a large piece of land. This way you can endlessly enjoy your own garden and enjoy a lovely walk among the olive trees. That's what I love about a finca: here you can escape the crowds and retreat in peace. Fincas exist in various forms, from small-scale houses to unique holiday homes with a private swimming pool.


A unique place for you and your family 

Not only did the finca have a charming appearance, I was also allowed to join the tapas evening that Susan organized. I love  going on a culinary journey and trying the local cuisine during my vacations. Later in the week she invited me to make paella together. As if we had known each other for years, I felt so at home here. Such a small-scale finca with the friendliest owners is the ideal place for me to spend a holiday with my family or a few good friends!

Looking for the most beautiful small-scale fincas

Wandering along country roads, I have discovered many special fincas in recent years. I remain impressed by the authentic character of the visited fincas. The thick natural stone walls, the wooden beams in the ceiling and a lovely terrace to completely relax… You can rent a finca throughout Spain. In the meantime I have already discovered a lot of incredible places! For example, I had a wonderful holiday in a finca in Tenerife, in the greenery of the Macizo de Anaga mountains. There are also many small-scale fincas in the countryside of romantic Andalusia. On Gran Canaria I enjoyed a beautiful small-scale finca between the palm trees, in the middle of the nature of this Spanish island I woke up here every morning relaxed. While on the Spanish island of Lanzarote, I encountered an explosion of colours. The beautiful black volcanic landscape, the white finca, and the clear blue swimming pool water. In the vicinity of the finca I found other countless colors of vineyards and fruit trees. A unique place, if you ask me…

The owners proudly show the soul of Spanish life. They are happy to serve you a typical puchero or salmorejo from Córdoba. The only danger of renting a finca? That you don't want to go home! After all these special discoveries, I know one thing for sure: a holiday in the sun in a finca is always a great idea!