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Book a culinary holiday full of delicious discoveries

Discover unique flavours from around the world

Is your favourite kind of holiday a culinary voyage of discovery? Do you love to immerse yourself in the local cuisine when abroad? Allow me to introduce you to  my best culinary locations. At these places you can, for example, learn tobake  authentic bread in a brick oven, see how the grapes are grown for the homemade wine in the vineyard next to your agriturismo, or watch a local chef pick vegetables in his kitchen garden and prepare traditional dishes for you.

The owners of these places know that a great holiday starts with delicious food and they often have a restaurant on location or are happy to share tips on where to nearby.

Holiday destinations with restaurants 

When I’m on holiday, I like to eat out. And what’s better than not having to leave the house for a gourmet dining experience? On this page, I have collected all my favourite holiday addresses with an on-site restaurant. Is your mouth watering already? Find your culinary holiday below but don't wait too long, these tasty highlights are always quickly snapped up.

Discover my culinary accommodations in Europe

A road trip with tasty highlights

From a private vineyard to an on-site restaurant

With a passion for cooking and an eye for detail, the owners of my culinary destinations know how to serve   a beautiful plate. At these spots, you cannjoy a lovely meal, where every bite is bursting with flavour. I have tried-and-tested every place and, while I certainly have my favourites that I to return every year, I’m happy to recommend them all. 

I think the best thing about these culinary addresses is that they offer an on-site restaurant. If I don’t feel like straying far from my residence, I can simply join for dinner. A good book and a glass of wine and I can go for hours without having to venture very far. Sometimes it's nice to be a little lazy on holiday. If you are travelling with children, it’s  nice to know that you can relax a little and still get to the restaurant on time. 


Some of the owners offer cooking workshops or wine tastings. I always recommend trying an experience like this.!

Taste the region with me: holiday destinations with restaurants 

What I love about small-scale restaurants is that many of them use fresh, local produce. Enjoy a Greek salad with tomatoes straight from the vine, sip Chianti from the owner’svineyard, or try the local honey on your morning toast.. To hear the best stories, be sure to ask the owners where their products come from. Knowing the provenance always makes dinner taste even better.


From authentic to experimental 

Every restaurant has its own style. At many destinations, you can enjoy authentic, home-cooked dishes, typical of the region. Some places use family recipes that have been around for generations. Other restaurants are more experimental and put a modern twist on traditional dishes. Whatever your preference, you can try the tastiest local dishes at each of the accommodations below. One of my favourite places even has a restaurant with a Michelin star.


If you book a car holiday, you can travel to your destination with your own transport.

If you book a flight holiday with me, it always includes accommodation and rental car!

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