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Our luxury destinations in Europe

Nothing left to chance

The leaves of a palm tree rustling in a summer breeze. The oh-so-slight swish of water in a swimming pool, or birds chirping on olive bushes. The sounds of paradise, the sounds of my luxury holiday!

Or perhaps you have a more old-school definition of the word luxury and picture yourself in an opulent spa and wellness centre, with your every need tended to without you having to lift a finger?

Both perfectly valid interpretations! My portfolio of luxury properties ranges from luxuriously simple holiday homes to luxuriously opulent boutique hotels. For when you want to truly treat yourself…
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Luxury holiday by the Mediterranean Sea

For a blissful luxury holiday, you don't have to go further than the Mediterranean Sea. I put together a list with unique addresses where you are the king. For example, choose a holiday home with a private swimming pool. You can escape the crowds with friends or family. I also like to go to a small-scale hotel or a b&b in the countryside. With an eye for detail, the owners take care of my luxurious holiday down to the last detail! I just have to relax at the edge of the pool with a book. Until the tapas are served, of course!

An authentic experience 

For me, a luxury holiday is more than just a holiday, it's an experience that I will remember for a long time to come. I, therefore, choose small-scale places close to the local community. In Greece, for example, I like to enjoy all the comforts of the beautiful Aegean sea. I escape to Peloponnese or Lefkas for an authentic Greek experience. Or why not choose Sardinia? Life is so good that people easily live to be 100 years old. It's high time to let yourself be pampered during a blissful luxurious holiday!


Enjoy the luxury life 


During my adventures through the Mediterranean, I stayed at many luxurious addresses. For example, I stayed on the Greek island of Santorini in a luxurious private villa with beautiful views over the mountains. In Ibiza I discovered a small-scale boutique hotel right by the sea, the atmosphere here was completely luxurious with a touch of bohemian. Do you already see yourself on such a luxurious holiday? Just relax completely and put your thoughts aside… I'm sure you'll come back completely relaxed!

If you book a car holiday, you can travel to your destination with your own transport.

If you book a flight holiday with me, it always includes accommodation and rental car!